New Pics for Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

UPDATE 2 Feb 2011: So much for all the BS about licenses… I think it’s all about marketing strategies, especially when it pops up on MTV.  Anyway thanks to the folks at FBTB for finding it.

UPDATE: Decided to yank the pics after reading the explanation by Pieter Hofstee from De Grote Speelgoedwinkel on Brickset:  Think they can still be found somewhere in cyberspace if you look hard enough.


It’s just blurry little pics, but since it’s a slow week for news… hope you enjoy anyway.  Thanks to Leroy from the S0937 forum for sharing the info on Queen Anne’s Revenge.  I’m actually quite curious what sort of poster they can include inside the boxes?

4191 The Captain’s Cabin – GBP10.49
In the dead of night, Captain Jack Sparrow sneaks into the captain’s cabin to steal a coveted ship-in-a-bottle. As he turns to leave, two pirates jump out of the shadows. With nowhere to run, will he be able to fend them off and escape with the loot?

4192 Fountain of Youth – GBP21.99
Barbossa, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow are battling it out for the fabled spring that gives the gift of eternal life. As they clash cutlasses, can Captain Jack tiptoe past them and make it to the fountain first?

4193 The London Escape – GBP49.99
Captain Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs escape the hangman’s noose only to be captured again by King George’s soldiers. Can Jack escape through the busy streets of London and find refuge at the Captain’s Daughter?

4194 Whitecap Bay – GBP71.99
At White Cap Bay, Captain Jack Sparrow and the other pirates must capture a mermaid. Spot them using the searchlight and shoot the net from the boathouse cannon. But beware! If the whale oil tips over the whole lighthouse is sure to go up in flames!

4195 Queen Anne’s Revenge – GBP102.99
From the captain’s quarters perched high on his magnificent ship, Blackbeard secretly looks on as Captain Jack Sparrow and the motley crew attempt mutiny against Angelica and the zombies. Will our heroes be able to take control of the ship before Blackbeard reveals himself?

4181 Isla De la Muerta – GBP21.99
Pirate Lord Hector Barbossa needs to capture the descendent of Bootstrap Bill to rid himself of the curse of the Black Pearl , and he believes it to be the beautiful Elizabeth Swann. As Barbossa turns into a skeleton, can Captain Jack Sparrow defeat the Pirate Lord and gain control of the Black Pearl?

4182 The Cannibal Escape – GBP30.99
Ruuuun! Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner have escaped from the cannibal village and are being chased by their hungry foes. Can they reach the safety of the Black Pearl before their guests really do have them for dinner? Set includes roasting spit, bone cage, chief’s chair and cannibal hut.

4183 The Mill – GBP40.99
At the mill, Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Admiral Norrington duel it out for the key to the Dead Man’s Chest. Suddenly the mill wheel shakes loose with them inside! Can they manage to stay upright and still stop Flying Dutchman Pirate Hadras from scuttling away with the prize?

Source: Via EB forums (thanks to Legomilk & kris kelvin).

Queen’s Anne Revenge –

All other pics originally from:

12 Responses to New Pics for Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

  1. Jackie says:

    I love your blog! Im writing a short piece for my blog about nanoblocks and google lead me to your fantastic site. I hope you don’t mind if I link to it. Have a great day! Jackie

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  3. walshklien says:

    Hmmm… not very impressed by the Pirates of Caribbean. Look a bit dark and sad hahaha! or maybe it’s just me =P I guess my expectation for the Queen Anne’s Revenge was quite high =P

  4. Anonymous says:

    too late tho — as Disney has already been alerted (and they take showing of their leaked stuff WAY more serious even than TLG — they even delete PAID flickr accts and ban from ever getting acct as pro there) and The LEGO Group, as well as WordPress for violsating TOS — one day you go to sign in and your blog is **POOF***

    lol hah ha hhhhaaa

    • hedgehog says:

      hi anonymous… guess u don’t know much on blogging, posting rubbish here 🙂

      there is nothing Disney or TLG can do, don’t make me laugh when u talk about deleting accounts.

    • amodularlife says:

      Hi verizon user, you are really not that anonymous even though you are so cowardly that you can’t even use a regular nickname.

      Anyway, I was about to delete yet another of your obnoxious comments when I saw that hedgehog has already replied. Seriously, get a life.

      And, if you don’t like my blog or the things I write/post, then don’t read my posts or visit my blog. Stop wasting my time.

      @hedgehog: Thanks a lot. Next time just ignore rubbish like that ok? I do get around to deleting or blacklisting them eventually (and this guy is now the 1st to be blacklisted). This particular guy does that alot. Dunno what is his problem.

      • walshklien says:

        maybe he just need to get a life… so he/she came here? amodular”life” hahaha! Pardon my stupid joke…

        But yeah don’t put rubbish stuff like deleting accounts and stuff like that. Don’t you know your stuff? Before one can even delete a person’s blog account, it has to be offensive first for defamatory. I don’t see the photos offensive let alone defamatory. In fact, they are free advertisement for TLG and Disney, why the heck would they care about deleting one’s blog account noh? It would be counter productive to their marketing strategy…

  5. Tom says:

    Seems that POTC isn’t going to be as big or spectecular as I hope. Wonder if it can even match up to the current pirates line?

  6. Jillian says:

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