What is Minecraft?

Stumbled upon this article by Brendan Sears comparing LEGO and Minecraft that piqued my interest: Minecraft Maniac

An excerpt: “Creation has a powerful draw. From chiseling a statue out of a solid block of marble to rolling a pinecone in peanut butter and dipping it in birdseed, all ages and talents love taking raw materials and building them into something new. For years, Lego served as the perfect answer to this need to create but it has evolved and changed to serve a new market, creating a demand for simple construction that nobody realized was going unfulfilled until Minecraft quietly entered from stage left. It exploded in popularity as thousands of gamers found what they were missing: the excitement of creating and sharing something uniquely their own and a chance for their inner architect to step up and play a lower-case god.”

Update: Re-read the article and think perhaps this was a more thought provoking excerpt “Dad summed up the problem: “These are cool, but they aren’t any fun. They all look like they should be on a shelf, not on the floor. No chance for imagination.” Lego no longer provided us with a throwback to the unrestricted creation of my childhood. They joy and ease of building unique creations was nowhere to be found.”

Here is a short clip:

And a slightly longer one that goes thru the basics of the game (this is chapter 1, saw that he has several other tutorials. Actually loads of tutorials on YouTube in general):

What do you think?

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7 Responses to What is Minecraft?

  1. Tricky_Dick says:

    minecraft is awesome its all ive been playing a lot of it lately. Paying bills really puts a damper on buying legos, so minecraft is a good outlet for my creativity.

  2. walshklien says:

    I still prefer touching plastic with my bare hands than putting them virtually online =P I do use Lego modeling tools like MLCad to build my models virtually, but that is with the objective of building them using real Lego bricks… so I think I’ll give Minecraft a skip… generation gap perhaps? =P

  3. rekseah says:

    Sajer plays it. the concept is good, But I can’t get used to first party games.

    but it was fun. lot’s of things to build and do. someone actually build the frame work for star ship enterprise!

    • amodularlife says:

      @walshklien: Me too. Old school that way and I don’t even like to use modelling tools…

      @rekseah: Oh you played before? Conceptually I think it’s really interesting, but probably too time-consuming… if I have time, I prefer to play with some real-life bricks. But I don’t mind giving it a go if it’s on PS3 or XBox…

      • walshklien says:

        We are the oldies…. hahaha prefer touching bricks… new generation like everything virtual yeah! =P

      • Sajer says:

        Eh, I not enough bricks to play around with, no money buy what… So minecraft provides a great alternative, nearly infinite number of blocks and also multiplayer support. One can’t really do multiplayer with Lego right?

      • amodularlife says:

        @Sajer: Nevermind, chinese new year coming, so that means more ang pow money to fund your LEGO? (^_^)
        I can see the appeal/addictiveness of Mindcraft actually, just that I really don’t have time to play games now with all other stuff in my life.
        Do let me know if you know of other LEGO-ish type of games k? Thanks!

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