New Character Building Toys

British toy distributor Character Group is releasing a new range of construction toys this year, to be exhibited at the coming UK Toy Fair (25-27 January).  This new ‘Character Building’ range of toys are based on licensed themes and will include BBC’s Dr Who and HM Armed Forces. 

I’ll be interested to know if the toys are LEGO compatible and of good quality as the selling point is that each licensed 3D micro-figure has sculpted facial features and ‘the use of texture on some of the building blocks, which will be a key feature when it comes to fans recreating each environment”.

While I’m not a Dr Who fan (have not watched the shows), perhaps Character Group may pair up with other brands that I like in the future?


2 Responses to New Character Building Toys

  1. walshklien says:

    Who’s the Doctor? Don’t know this show as well but the figurines looks nice. I’m a fan of cute stuff cute figurines as well so maybe will consider getting them. Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. Who’s the Doctor!!!! OMG watch it, you’ll love it.

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