Update on 2011 January Sets in Singapore

UPDATED: Updated on 25 Jan

Hey, I’m back in Singapore.  Posts should be a bit more frequent next week after I recover from my work trip and clear some work stuff.  Still feeling really tired from my work and flying but should recover soon from the fatigue.

Over in Taiwan I was reading with some envy the various shopping experiences and loots by S0937 forum mates so decided to start off with a summary of the 2011 January set status in Singapore… and the various offers I know of.  All prices indicated in S$ of course.

Most of the specialty stores have received their 2011 stocks.  Best to call to check tho as a few will only be getting their sets next week.  Here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve read (from forums, member emails & store sites)/heard/seen – let me know if I missed anything k?  Pricing is in my earlier post here.

  • Toystation/Brick Station: 2011 sets are in. Those looking for a complete set of 16 minifigs for Series 3 will have to wait till next week.  They also have the PQ battlepacks and magnets for PQ (not sure if they are re-stocking PQ sets).  Only saw one Diagon Alley (@$295) when I was there, did not ask if that’s the last set (tho I’m sure they’ll have more coming in. Off-topic: The set looks great… really lovely… and very tempting).  I forgot to take a pic of the clone bricks piano that they are selling at $9.90 each.  Looks really good actually and I was really tempted but I didn’t want to stray to the dark side.  Btw, TS will also be bringing the Darth Vader/Clone Trooper/Yoda/Anakin alarm clocks soon @$69 (?)(I dunno when exactly). 
  • Toyshunt: 2011 sets are in. Some interesting Ninjago gear like headband (853108), foam swords (853103 & 853105) and nunchucks (853107) spotted (btw I took pics cos they are so cute and wanted to blog about them, but just realised after checking that 853103 and 853107 are not in Brickset yet- yup will drop Huw a note soon). MF3 temporarily out-of-stock, but new shipment expected next Thur.  Also have PQ figs loose, but really pricey.
  • Bricksworld: 2011 sets are in.
  • Simply Toys: 2011 sets are in PS and Suntec outlets.  Raffles Place & Vivo getting the stocks next week.  MF3 sets sold at @$56 for members ($62.40 for non-members).    
  • Secret Chamber & Bricks Empire:  No news… SC is as usual very secret… not even an email for members.  Am not a member of BE so I’ve no idea.  But being LEGO exclusive retailers, I’m guessing their stocks are in as well.  2011 sets are in.
  • Metro: Stocks in at certain stores and were available at 20% off during their CNY sale.  MF3 extremely raided.  LEGO post-it stationery @$8.90 (852689) spotted near the cashier counter.
  • TRU: Most 2011 sets are in (no SW spotted tho), including their LEGO exclusives for Ninjago(2519 Skeleton Bowling @ $55.90) & City (3658 Police Helicopter @$59.90 ).  Based on Taiwan TRU sighting, & 7869 The Battle of Geonosis @$72.90 is should also be a TRU exclusive in Singapore.  No MF3 sighted in Paragon outlet. No info for MF3. LEGO Imaginarium Table now @$199.90.

Ok, so if you missed the 20% Metro sale you can always wait for the next one or here are some alternatives…

  • Toystation/Brick Station: Regulars will know the usual discount rates for sets.  No membership needed
  • Simply Toys: UOB credit card promo gives 30% off for 2nd purchase for non-members and 40% for members, which works out to be 15% & 20% discount respectively.  At Raffles Place outlet only, LEGO sets at 20% off for pre-renovation sale (15% for 10xxx series).
  • Toyshunt: 10% off for members, 15% for Gold & 20% for Platinum (tho if you are a Gold or Platinum member, you probably don’t need to read this post – or have more shopping info than me right?) 😛
  • Bricksworld & Secret Chamber & Bricks Empire: 10% off for members.  (?Is there more discount for loyal regulars?)
  • TRU: Not exactly a store promo but I just realised that the Paragon UOB card gives 10% rebate for TRU purchases at TRU Paragon.

The MF3 dot codes are not easy to use so good ol’ figs ‘molesting’ as my fellow forum mates terms it is the more reliable method.  You can refer to the summary of parts to feel for in this guide by J Junker: Minifig Series 3 codes n feel guide.

Those looking to space out your purchases over the year, don’t forget that new stocks are expected nearly every month in 2011… expected arrivals are in the sidebar text.  I’ll be updating the sidebar later for the new stuff in this post.

I think my LEGO Shopping in Singapore post is due for an update again, and appreciate if Singapore readers can let me know of any news or inaccuracies (Shaun/Wongkw/Cyril?) (^_^).  Also want to highlight Paul’s (who is a Brit living in Dubrovnik, Croatia) comment  in the LEGO Shopping in Singapore post.  Paul shared his comparison of LEGO shopping experiences in Singapore, UK & Croatia and in his words: “SG Lego was expensive but the huge choice and varied stock – old/new & parted sets – made shopping here a real treat for the Lego Addict!!“.  So we don’t have it so bad over here huh?

Ok, pics here:

LEGO post-it stationery @$8.90 (852689) at Metro Paragon:

Various Ninjago Gear at ToysHunt:

17 Responses to Update on 2011 January Sets in Singapore

  1. OCK says:

    That is a really neat summary……but u must have had your shopping done in Taiwan right?

    the clocks(stormie and vader) if still available can get at BN and use the codes to get better price ard 45-50 each

  2. Alvin says:

    Yo….Bricks Empire stocks are Series 3 are in and that the Series 3 whole box is one of their member special at 20% off. The other member special they have is 5766 Log Cabin also at 20% off. Hopes that help.

    Robinsons at Raffles City also known to have Series 3.

    The pricing for Ninjago 2519 Skeleton Bowling is at $55.90

  3. walshklien says:

    I got myself the PQ and Ninjago foam swords… coz they just look great and I added them to my other foam swords and knife collection like the ones from Pirates =)

    • amodularlife says:

      @walshklien: Hey, you are the 1st person I know who collects the foam swords. How many do you have and are you getting the headband and nunchucks too? Really cute. (^_^)

      • walshklien says:

        Currently I have like 5 of them:

        Sword, Ninjago (853105)
        Sword, Pirate Scimitar (4226681)
        Weapon, Pirate Cleaver (851931)
        Fire Axe, City (851898)
        Pharaoh’s Quest Sword (853170)

        I didn’t get the nunchucks and headband coz I find they are OK only. I am very tempted to get some other swords and shields like those from vikings and such but couldn’t find them locally. All the swords are hanging on the wall in my entertainment room and they all look very nice =D

      • amodularlife says:

        @walshklien: Can take a pic and share your display? Either here or in the S0937 forum? (^_^)

      • walshklien says:

        ok will try to take one tonight =)

      • walshklien says:

        Hi amodularlife… here’s a picture of my swords collection:

        walshklien's swords collection

        Edited to deeplink pic.

      • amodularlife says:

        @walshklien: Ok, if I come across older swords in stores will let you know so you can expand your collection. Or have you already checked out all the stores? (^_^)

      • walshklien says:

        I think I did scan through almost all stores but would be good to know if I missed any of them. Thanks =)

        I’m also looking for the viking shield =P

      • amodularlife says:

        @walshklien: Actually the only store I think may still have these old swords would be Secret Chamber. Have you looked at SC before?

      • walshklien says:

        Yeah! I frequently go SC at Thomson Plaza to recci stuff even if they dont really have spectacular discounts. I think one of the swords was from them can’t remember which one though =)

  4. Will Tang says:

    I had a great time at Metro 24% sale (20% + 5% rebate = 24% discount)! Got Ninjago Dojo, Ambush, Outpost, 4 Lego games and MF3.

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