New LEGO Ideas Book

UPDATE: Added picture thanks to killyrbf – more info on his blog.  Great find killy and thanks!  

Not in my previous list of new LEGO books. Accidental discovery while browsing (pre-order at US$16.86 /vs US$24.99 list price), and then I also found the entry in (US$24.99) and bookdepository (best deal @ US$18.75 & with free worldwide delivery) so pretty confirmed there will be a new LEGO Ideas Book.

Apart from knowing that this book has 200 pages, couldn’t find other info.  😦

  • LEGO Ideas Book
  • Pub. Date: 15 August 2011
  • Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc.
  • Format: Hardcover , 200pp
  • ISBN-13: 9780756686062
  • ISBN: 0756686067

Since I don’t have any of the old Idea Books and the last Idea book was in 1997, I am quite looking forward to getting a copy when it’s released, how about you?

18 Responses to New LEGO Ideas Book

  1. killyrbf says:

    I also saw this over at Bookdepository a few days ago and have been wondering what is going to be in it. I have been contemplating whether to preorder or not. How about you, preordered?

    Like you, I do not have any idea books either. The ones that look interesting to me are the ones from DK as well that were released in 1999:

    Fabulous Figures ( and
    Amazing Animals(

    Although getting them in good condition might be hard now with those steep prices.

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    Wait no more … the Japanese Lego Idea Book is coming in Feb’11 … I can’t wait for it to arrive …

  3. amodularlife says:

    @killyrbf: Nope, not pre-ordering yet. Tho most likely I will get the book. It’s been 14 years since the previous Idea Books and LEGO sets have evolved quite a bit what with modular series and more polished looking sets – so pretty high expectations for an Idea Book.

    @Jonathan: Yeah, more amazing Jap MOCs! Too bad I cant read japanese. Am hoping for more pics and less words. 😛

  4. killyrbf says:

    Been trying to find out more about The Lego Ideas Book. Looks like there would be something for everyone: “… transport, buildings, space, kingdoms…”. I got the cover from DK over at my blog. No “confidential” tag. (=

  5. walshklien says:

    Wow! This is nice… anybody knows if got any sample content online which we can kinda browse to see what’s inside before buying?

  6. amodularlife says:

    @killyrbf: Was this the pdf you saw previously?

    @walshklien: It’s a bit more juniorised than I thought it would be. I’ll prob still get it for collection anyway, what about you?

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