What to Do When Your Blog’s Content is Stolen

I hate it when people copy my blog contents without giving credit to me as the original author/source.  Hand to heart, maintaining a blog takes a lot of effort and time.  And whether it’s word for word, with some cosmetic changes to the wordings, or a picture without credits, in a blog/website OR a forum post, it really irks me…

Of course some may consider it as a most sincere form of flattery… but when there is no credit or backlink to my blog at all? It’s  just plain rude, not to mention unethical if there’s ad money involved.

Anyway I was interested enough to do some research on what can be done.  Thought to share it with you readers:

And of course if you have been copying whether from my blog or from others, stop it, or give some credit.  I don’t rule out embarking on the suggested actions one day when I’m irritated enough.  If you are wondering… yes, I know which sites/forums you have been posting my content to.  I am quite happy to share the info so long as due credit is given. 

I think MarketingSherpa says it well: “If you like this article, please link to it *instead* of copying it. Thanks.” 

Should I use that as a standard blog post signature line from now on?

10 Responses to What to Do When Your Blog’s Content is Stolen

  1. OCK says:

    forgive me if i have ever copy photos on your blog and post it on sgcollect…

    i think if i post on my FB, the links usually will link to your blog directly

  2. amodularlife says:

    @Will: Umm, thanks? =P

    @OCK: It’s ok, I know the forum posts are mostly unintended and/or for the purpose of sharing “LEGO Love” with fellow AFOLs so I don’t mind so much and I definitely wasn’t expecting any apology, so this is really unexpected. 🙂

    It’s some blog posts I’ve seen that set off my rant.

  3. Mond2 says:

    I will flame the bugger…

    another alternative is to include the no copy / right scipt in the layouts… so generally pple cannot copy…

  4. Jonathan Lum says:

    Follow the STB method .. Name & Shame !!! If they have the guts to copy .. then no guts to give credit .. SHAME THEM !!! With that method, your avid readers will know who these “so-called bloggers” are & will help to spread the word around … No Need To Give Them Face … They DON”T DESERVE IT !!!

    b.t.w. – sorry for all the CAPs – i know how you feel coz i was once a victim of ideas being stolen by other ppl.

  5. I love the quality of your blog! Being a composer I know the value of copyright only too well. Let’s just hope people think better before they act next time.

  6. Thanks for this post! I’m dealing with the exact same thing right now! LOL!
    Also with the issue of hotlinking. My bandwidth went to the moon this month!
    I do like the suggestion of adding a note to blogposts about linking rather than copying them.
    Also, I woudl suggest to ad this post into your policies page…(c;

  7. amodularlife says:

    @ Dan: Thanks! (^_^) Regular postings resumes tomorrow.

    @ Akunthita: Yeah, I thought the suggestion of adding a note or invisible line sounds practical, but I’m hopeing that some of this non-credited copying will stop once this post is read by the target.
    – For your site how about including a Creative Commons Licence and some T&C? I had a quick look and you don’t have one now? The one I’m using is modified from WordPress’ version. WordPress is quite generous to share the T&C & Privacy Policy template but must give credit etc which I did – maybe you can use the link on my blog to read the originals? You have such original posts/useful tutorials, so no surprise that people are copying you!
    – The other thing you can consider is a ‘disclosure’ to blog readers for any ads/affiliate marketing links that you may have on your site?
    ==> Think I also learnt a couple of blogging etiquette today. If you have other useful tips/info on blogging pls share k? I always feel like a noob. =P

    @ Jonathan: Thanks for your support. I don’t want to give those sites free publicity or higher page views/blog visits by naming them tho. You sound like you had a painful experience? I think at work it’s like an inevitable experience… not sure what are the good preventive/defensive tactics against office slimeballs. =P

  8. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I rather write about LEGO, but policies are important too! Thanks again! Keep up the great blogging!…..(c:

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