What I Like About the POTC Sets

UPDATE ON 3 Feb: Added set pics from the launch event found from chipchicklets & stitchkingdom.

UPDATE: New pics of the 10219 Maersk Train in my earlier post here.  Dunno why, not in mood to create new post. 


I’m sure you have seen the latest Pirates of the Caribbean sets from MTV.  If not, you can head on over to any of the major sites (RSS on the right) or to my previous post which I’ve updated with the new pics.

Anyway, thought to share my thought processes when I examine pics of new sets…

  • 4191 The Captain’s Cabin – bottles and globe makes this a must get for me, perhaps need to BL some parts? BL or get sets cheaper?
  • 4192 Fountain of Youth – the waterfall puzzles me. Not very excited about this set.
  • 4193 The London Escape again new bottles here. And I like the bucket on the 2nd floor & do I spot gold bars at the back of the carriage.  Reminds me of MMV building that can swing open. Am curious what the building front looks like, but anyway perhaps 2 sets for building expansion? Carriages are useful anyway.
  • 4194 Whitecap Bay – new mermaid molds! And new hair as well? I want more! (look at price) Ok, price is a deterrent tho!
  • 4195 Queen Anne’s Revenge – slightly disturbed by what looks like a big sticker piece for the stain glass. Since I would have gotten the set anyway, so pic or no pic there is no impact.  Still think not evil looking enough.
  • 4181 Isla De la Muerta – new hair piece and gold bars that other sets have, otherwise not excited as well.
  • 4182 The Cannibal Escape – nope, not excited too, no parts I like or figures that catch my eye.
  • 4183 The Mill – the strange looking creature at the back is the redeeming feature of this set. Don’t like building so no expansion potential.

So based on the above, I see myself getting more than one each of 4191 & 4193.  Would like to get more but will be deterred by prices of 4194 & 4195 and the rest just one set for completeness sake.

One Response to What I Like About the POTC Sets

  1. walshklien says:

    Thanks for sharing… still thinking whether should get the ship =P

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