“BUILD!” Brickfilm, Minifig Customiser, POTC & MF4

Via Wired I saw the brickfilm ‘Build!’ created by David Pagano and Matt Witham that I’ll like to share.

Also thought the Wired interview with minifig customiser Kris Buchan was quite interesting.  I can’t imagine hacking my minifigs, or even painting on them (ha, I’m traditional that way), but I do enjoy seeing unique minifig customisations.  Kris shared some useful customisation tips during the interview if you are interested.

I also found more pics of the POTC sets taken during the launch event, including the front of  The London Escape set that I was curious about.  Added to my earlier post about POTC sets here

One more thing… hi-res pics of Collectible Minifig Series 4 are all over the web thanks to Grogall, and here is a link to Brickset’s 8804 set list if you want to start adding them to your want list.  Wonder which minfig will be the Cheerleader/Spartan/Elf of series 4?

More brickfilms are available from Pagano’s YouTube channel.

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