A Lesson on Censorship?

The Brothers Brick published an interesting article about a Flickr group that was wiped out.  To quote gambort: “In LEGO 16+ we had a thread for leaks. All discussion in the group was only available to members of the list and one of those members had reported this thread to TLG. They had taken their usual action (lawyerly email) to flickr and Yahoo! (who are directly responsible for these issues) had decided to simply delete the entire group. Not the thread, not the links but the entire group“.

Anyway, it made me think what I would do if one day my blog is to suffer the same fate.  Perhaps a sense of relief as fellow toy collector Juliana has described?  To quote from Juliana’s blog post on her blog technical mishap: “a wave of calmness swept over me as I sat there and I felt a kind of “release”.  After all I had been like a “slave” to my blog almost daily for the past few years, as I strived to post something everyday“.   

Afterall, blogging does take up time I can use for other things.  Plus, I do not know how far TLG’s ‘Big Brother’ reach extends to, or which zealous fan will report (or have already reported?) my blog for sharing links to watermarked pics. 

Of course, such zealous policing activities if it happens won’t just affect my blog, but loads of other AFOL blogs and even established LEGO forums like Eurobricks (where fans have been sharing the latest LEGO news for the longest time).  Starting to sound very orwellian as one AFOL has commented in TBB’s post.  Will there be any backlash of AFOL goodwill against TLG if things develop to that stage I wonder, or would fans just shrug and learn to live with the draconian policing? 

Yes, I do have back-ups of my blog, but then if my blog is wiped out, I wonder if I will still retain enough ‘LEGO love’ to restore previous posts? (not to mention to continue blogging)

Enough of such gloomy thoughts for now, I shall go for a well-deserved break of (yet more) chinese new year goodies (in this case, more ‘golf ball’ pineapple tarts from a famous store in Singapore). 🙂

Oh, the good thing about this whole fiasco? I’ve finally created a Flickr account under the name ‘amodularlife’ – I think that means I can more easily mark pics that I like (haven’t explored yet!).  And I’ve joined the new AFOL 16+ group.  😛

Watermark picture by fbtb

4 Responses to A Lesson on Censorship?

  1. Cecilie says:

    Just to clarify: it wasn’t TLG that had the group removed, they only asked flickr to remove the watermarked pictures after an AFOL tipped them off. Flickr however chose to just delete the entire group… At least that’s what they told us at the Ambassodor forum…

  2. Katie says:

    Glad to have you on flickr. 😉

  3. Will says:

    I wonder if other toy groups crack down or follow picture leaks like lego.

  4. amodularlife says:

    @Cecilie: Thanks for the clarification – I’d already read the entire TBB post plus AFOL 16+ thread so that was the gist that I got too, hope I didn’t give the wrong impression. But then it IS entirely possible that one day WordPress could nuke my blog after a lawyer’s letter from TLG to WordPress? If that happens, then yeah, TLG wouldn’t have directly nuked my blog, but since the intent was to remove links to leaked pics, then objective well and truly achieved. Perhaps that was what happened to the LEGO 16+ group but anyway collateral damage is collateral damage, whatever the intent was (or wasn’t).

    @Katie: Thanks!

    @Will: Hmm… one of the AFOL 16+ discussion did mention how another toy maker harnesses that fan interest. I suppose it’s always sort of a double-edged sword. I don’t collect other toys so I really don’t know. 😛

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