More Rumours about Minifig Series 5

UPDATE on 6 Feb 2011: Here are all 16 minifigs for Series 5 from the German Toy Fair from Spieletest via kevin1990 from ToysnBricks.


Via EB’s Plissken who read it from, I found some descriptions of the minifig series 5 figs:

– Eskimo
Sherlock Holmes Style PI
British Guard
Cannibal (the one with the bone in the hair)
– Unidentified Blue Figure
– Unidentified Red Figure
– Female Figure with suitcase
– some kind of historic judge
clown with melon hat
godzilla costume
– Mobster with gun, hat and case
– female zookeeper with little ape
Up to you to believe it or not. 😉  Those who have been following my blog would have seen a few of these figs before in this earlier post. I’ve bolded those confirmed ones in above list.

Source: Imperium der Steine via EB forum

2 Responses to More Rumours about Minifig Series 5

  1. Willem says:

    Nice one!
    The unidentified blue minifigure is a male snowboarder, the unidentified red one is a lumberjack. Also, I think the pink lady is not holding a suitcase, but a radio, and the black minifigure is a graduate college student.
    The minifigures are getting nicer and nicer every year, and the animals too. Better start saving…
    Keep on the good work!

  2. walshklien says:

    I see some interesting minifigs that I may get to add on to my collection =) Thanks for sharing!

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