Update on LEGO Collector’s Guide

From Fantasia Verlag’s site, here’s an update on the LEGO Collector’s Guide:

Lego Collector – 2. Edition

Expected publication date: April 2011

– More then 800 pages.
– Bi-Lingual: german and english
– More then 6,500 displayed LEGO-Sets, nine sets per page.
– Chronologically ordered, from the first LEGO-sets in 1949 to 2011.
– Information per set: Number of parts, time of sale, contingents.
– LEGO keyrings as independent collection-area.
– Rating of 1 to 6 LEGO-bricks per Set.
– With Index.
With an exclusive extra-insert!

ISBN: 9783935976-64-0

5 Responses to Update on LEGO Collector’s Guide

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    This was the copy that I told you about. I have reserved a copy of it since last Oct’2010 as it was supposed to be out but they have postponed it till indefinite date. Let’s see whether they will postponed again after April’2011.

  2. Karen says:

    am interested in the book for many reasons. Firstly as a lego fan, secondly I am learning German and am an innovator. So this book is a gem. But where can I get this book in Singapore? Or how could I order it online?
    Is there a Lego group in Singapore that I can join?


    • walshklien says:

      @Karen: you can join the SG AFOL Group. There is a forum group at this link:


      Do remember to read the guidelines and post an introduction of yourself to let us know you better =)

      There is a monthly gathering which usually happens the last Friday of every month. Although the date has not been release for Feb 2011, I’m thinking it should be around Feb 25. The admin/organizer folks at s0937fg will usually post the details for the gathering =)

      By the way, guess what the number “0937” stands for. Hint: invert it to see answer =P

    • amodularlife says:

      @Karen, the book is in English so you may not be able to practise your german… but it is a great book for LEGO collectors, as the book title implies. If you decide to join the forum do remember to do an intro as walshklien has summarised so well. 🙂

  3. MKB says:

    Where can I preorder?

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