Pic of Star Wars Advent Calendar (7958)

So it didn’t take so long huh? And the mystery fig in the advent calendar that Huw mentioned is… drumroll…

*spoiler alert*

Yoda in santa outfit!

Here you go! 😉

Source: Thanks to R4-G9 from Brickset from sharing: http://theclonenews.freeblog.hu/archives/2011/02/08/sz/

6 Responses to Pic of Star Wars Advent Calendar (7958)

  1. kelvin255 says:

    Love the Yoda in santa outfit!

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    All super minis – x-wing, falcon, dropship, a-wing, slave1, tie fighter … got to have Yoda in Santa Outfit .. the rest .. sad to say, nothing new.

  3. Pizzamansjr says:

    Awesome! I hope that I can get one of those in december… the santa Yoda is just awesome!

  4. Ostwestf4le says:

    Thanks for the pic – I am so excitted.

    My son and me like Santa Yoda!

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