Featuring John’s LEGOville

UPDATE: Anyone interested to have me visit and blog about their collection?  Castles, pirates, Star Wars, Harry Potter all also can?  I’ll draw the line at Duplo & Ben 10, but otherwise, am quite happy to visit… I’ll even bring oranges until the 15th day of the CNY… offers anyone?? 😀


During the chinese new year, it’s customary to visit relatives and friends (i.e. 拜年 pronounced “bai nian”).  This year, I was very happy to take this opportunity to visit a good friend and AFOL’s house to 拜年 and to visit his LEGOville.  I asked for permission to blog about it so here it is… 😛

Btw, it’s my first attempt at outline cropping and it’s really hard!!  Is there some shortcut to do this? 😦 

Here are some other views/buildings in his LEGOville: 


Yep, the train runs thru it
Tram stop
I think that’s his City/Town Hall in the middle
Modular cinema
Monorail station
Train station
City Bank (with interiors complete with queuing customers)
Amusement park
Why is there a smurf taking a nap here?
Lighted hotel sign!
John’s house in LEGO form

And since I couldn’t take decent pics of his LEGOville lighted up in the day, I ‘borrowed’ a pic from his Facebook: 😛  It was taken earlier so tram station and tower bridge wasn’t up yet.

What do you think about John’s LEGOville?  His previous LEGOville had many more trains and monorails running within and around the layout, but this time there is some space constraint unfortunately.  Here is his previous layout (sorry about the poor video quality… that was with a lousy phone camera… thanks to legofan from s0937 forum for posting this):

10 Responses to Featuring John’s LEGOville

  1. Mond2 says:

    Nice setup there… can we visit his place too???

  2. walshklien says:

    Can I come along too =P

  3. OCK says:

    This is a dream come true… A room space just for lego… Oh my gosh and is so neatly arranged…

  4. amodularlife says:

    @Mond2 & Walshklien: He reads the blog too. See if he reply lor… >P

    @OCK: Yeah… but still not enough space for all his sets. If you see his prev layout, he actually has many trains, monorail, construction sets, creator houses, etc that he couldn’t fit in this layout. I also took a peek at his storeroom and saw some castle sets. You should see his mountain of plastic boxes with bricks outside…

    Hmm… I think I will shamelessly ask if anyone want to invite me over to blog about their collection… 😛

  5. You can come over to my house! But I think you are a little far. 🙂
    But you said no DUPLO???!!!! That’s because you haven’t seen my DUPLO Giant Castle! 😉

  6. Will Tang says:

    Wow… Makes me consider going into modular buildings and trains soon. There’s no way I can power my castle and pirates sets like this can I.

    The setup is very nice, but you need a better camera next time! Hah

    Thanks anyway

  7. Rikard says:

    Very nice setup!
    Does this John have more pictures in eg. flickr or some other site?

  8. amodularlife says:

    @John: Ahem, do you want to make any comments? 🙂

    @Akunthita: Thanks for the offer but you ARE a little far… I would have made an exception for your duplo castle tho. 😉
    *Shameless request again* Any offers from Singapore? Oranges offer still good while its CNY! (^_^)

    @Will: No lar, the cam is fine… just lousy photographer lor… 😛

    @Rikard: He has been sharing pics on his Facebook, but I can’t share the link w/o his permission. See if he responds?

  9. hedgehog says:

    amazing collection… delicated room just for lego.

    his lego are really frightening.. massive. jaws DROP…

  10. junaid kara says:

    i have had the pleasure of seeing the earlier serup, and its truely amazing…the dedication must be appreciated..

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