Summer 2011 Spongebob Sets

Hmm… don’t think there are many Spongebob fans among AFOLs (judging by the length of the EB 2011 sets thread vs the Star Wars one)… but for those who were curious ever since hearing about 3816 Glove World and 3815 Heroic Heroes of the Deep… 🙂



Source: Shared by EB’s Lordofdragonss

2 Responses to Summer 2011 Spongebob Sets

  1. delta says:

    My nephew (who is five) is really fond of Spongebob (lego), but these 2011 sets are just meh, IMO.
    By the way, my nephew also enjoyed this new Lego commercial, five minutes long:

  2. LOL! This was so much fun! I watched the whole thing! And I’m a little older than five!….(c;
    Your nephew is definitely right!…(c:

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