2011 City & Alien Conquest Set Pics from NY Toy Fair

UPDATE: One last update before I collapse to bed… you can find some pics of the Technic sets from Toy News International as well as many many others.


I said I’ll stop looking but I really can’t help myself… (like I said before, I’m a curious gal…). 😛

Hey, if you hate spoilers, then stop reading right now k?  Why? Cos I’m going to feature pics of the 2011 City Advent Calendar that’s why. 😉 

It looks to feature (yet more) police themed figs and stuff so it’s quite meh to me… but anyway here are the expected contents:

And the link to the City advent calendar box art that is marked with the confidential stamp: LINK to The Pop Culture

Here’s also the link to the Harbour set with green shipLINK to The Pop Culture

I’m also liking what I see of the Alien Conquest sets, but I’m really too tired to post all of them… click here and here to see more k?

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