Stuff I’ve Been Reading & Tweaks to the Blog

A bit of lull now that most of the 2011 sets are known… what’s left?  There’s the rumoured 2011 modular building that we are all waiting for of course (which I’ve heard would be 10218 Pet Shop), and the TRU exclusives, 2011 winter theme set, 2011 large scale set (would it be the Sydney Opera House?), some of the Cars sets, and… hmm… would there be a Star Wars UCS set as well?  In any case, my wallet is going to sustain heavy damage in the next few months….

So just some bits of stuff I’ve read today which you may find interesting:

I’ve also made some tweaks to the blog… some new links to blogs I read on the right, and the biggest change is the Flickr feed… I’ve changed it to the MOCs I like on Flickr instead (the link to Flickr’s LEGO group can now be found under ‘communities’).  

One last thing, I was just thinking about whether I am supposed to respond to all comments, and/or how timely I am supposed to respond, etc when I saw this post on comment etiquette by the WordPress team.  Hmm, doesn’t actually answer my question, so my decision is… to procrastinate till I’m in a good mood… which may take a while with all the work stress, but I think I will get there, eventually. 😛

3 Responses to Stuff I’ve Been Reading & Tweaks to the Blog

  1. Oh! Thanks for including my blog! Appreciate it!….;)
    It would be some cool to have a modular pet shop! Thru which grapewhine did you hear that?
    Oh, and just respond whenever you are in the mood! I know it can take up lots of time to interact with your readers! Happy blogging! 😉

  2. Huw says:

    I believe 10218 pet shop will be the ‘Christmas village’ set this year.

  3. amodularlife says:

    @Huw: Oh? Was it from a catalog listing? Sounds good as well. Then what will be the modular set?

    @Akunthita: Most welcome and definitely well deserved for the many useful tips/experiments and reviews that you painstakely do. Grapewhine?? Haha. Recently Allan Smith from EB said so in this EB thread:
    But before that I’d heard from a local retailer that it’ll be a pet shop with set number 10218 – I guess the set number and name was probably in some listing? I asked – no pics shown. Listing in New Zealand & also in listing in Singapore… independent sources that gave the same conclusion – so that lends some weight to the Pet shop theory…

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