What the duck?

Erm… literally… if you’ll examine the lower left corner of this photo…

Yeah, see what I mean? 😛  Is that an actual set??

Anyway if you are curious where this is from, it’s Odaiba Venus Fort Japan, courtesy of LEGO-KEI.  You can also spot the top of the new LEGO book that I hope to get soon:

Enjoy build with Brick Toy
(Tsukutte asobu block gangu)

Price : 2,100 Yen (Tax Included)
Language : Japanese
An author : Yoshikazu Saito
Publisher : Socym

You can find out more about this book from Let’s LEGO, as Sachiko has included a translated table of contents for this book there.  

As for the minifig selection… good way to even out the sex ratio with some long haired beauties I think.

8 Responses to What the duck?

  1. Kcy says:

    That lower left corner is a bunny set from Seasonal Easter 2010. Model no – 40005. It’s a nice little set.

  2. Audrey says:

    I got the pieces for the duck at one of the workshops I attended. Apparently, you can buy it in bulk for education purpose. We had fun trying to create our own version of a duck. And that was where my liking for lego restart:)

    Never realised that this is in Venus Fort! Will keep a lookout for it the next time I go japan!

  3. Tiffeny says:

    Legoland has been selling the three ducks in the minifig case for a few months now… Really kinda lame set tho.

  4. amodularlife says:

    Thanks for the comments. I don’t think I want the set, I’m just curious what the set contains and how much it costs.

    @Audrey: Yeah, you can read my LEGO shopping in Japan II for a summary. I’ll recommend Amazon.co.jp to be the cheapest n most convenient option tho Click Brick is fun to visit to see the fun accessories (some are exclusive to Japan), pick a minifig, and brick engraving services.

    @Tiffeny: Do you remember how much the ducks were selling for?

  5. Jonathan Lum says:

    OK … I got the point … You know I’ll read … Your book should be arriving this coming Sunday … mine as well …
    The Deep Sea Explorer – ETA unknown till i hear back from V….

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