FBTB reports on the 10219 Maersk Train

FBTB reports that the 10219 Maersk Train is a LEGO Shop@Home Exclusive and it was unveiled at LEGO World.  Yay, so it’ll be available for sale after all, and not some limited release like the Vestas set. 🙂

It’ll cost US$119.99/CA$159.99/EUR 119.99 /GBP91.99… so expect some inflated prices when when it hits Singapore’s shores.   This set should be available from Shop@Home and LEGO stores from April 1, 2011. Full details and more pictures are available from FBTB.

Not motorized like the Emerald Night, but of course you can go ahead and add a PF engine yourself.

The highly-realistic Maersk diesel-electric freight train has arrived! A replica of the real engine that operated on the railroads of America, this Maersk train features exceptional detailing and functions, such as opening driver’s cab, removable side panel revealing a detailed, 16-cylinder engine, and authentic Maersk branding. The model also includes 2 wagons and 3 containers with opening doors (1 with refrigeration detailing). The set also includes a shunter truck and detachable trailer for loading and offloading the containers. Add LEGO® Power Functions accessories to motorize!

• Includes 3 workman minifigures!
• Train measures 36″ (92cm) long!
• Building instructions include a historical description of the LEGO Group/A.P. Moller Maersk Group cooperation and a timeline of the products launched!
• Containers can be loaded side-by-side or stacked!
• Motorize your Maersk train by adding LEGO Power Functions 8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10V DC, #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver, 8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control and 88002 Power Functions Train Motor!

4 Responses to FBTB reports on the 10219 Maersk Train

  1. delta says:

    To see it in action:

  2. Beautiful set, I’ll be buying this. I’ll be de-branding/not applying decals it though (I don’t like real world brands in my Lego town).

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