Singapore Only: Bricks World 20% Store-wide Sale

Received an email from Bricks World today informing me of their 20% Store-wide Sale starting on 23 to 24 Feb 2011 for members and from 25 to 27 Feb 2011 for the public.

Since 20% sale is pretty common, I’m guessing the 10xxx and various lifestyle items will be the hot sellers.  Not sure if all the 10xxx items will be on sale tho.  I vaguely remember the newly arrived modular set wasn’t included in the sale one year…

UPDATE: Anyway just in case they are on sale, here are the 10xxx sets usual/expected sale price:

The terms and conditions for the store-wide sale:

  • Store-wide sale member’s preview from 23 (Wednesday)to 24 (Thursday) Feb 2011.
  • Store-wide sale open for regular customer as well as members from 25 Feb to 27 Feb 2011.
  • 20% discount applies to regular priced LEGO items only.
  • No further discount to the items already on sale.
  • Not valid with other sale and promotion.
  • Exclude #8547 LEGO Mindstorms NXT. (Member 10% discount is applicable)
  • No reservation of items is allowed unless full payment is made.
  • Goods sold during Store-wide Sale are non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • Store-wide sale is applicable to our Retail shops and online Store.

20 Responses to Singapore Only: Bricks World 2020 Store-wide Sale

  1. Juppy says:

    oh dang, i just bought the grand emporium at 288

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    Something much closer to home … Singapore Budget 2011 .. LEGO Style …

  3. Juppy says:

    plus saving the embarrassment of carrying a giant yellow lego bag around town. As much as I love lego, I must say I don’t want to be seen carrying a big lego bag. lol

  4. Nick Yap says:

    …. must resist temptation to spent!…..

  5. karen says:

    sadly the sale goes to members first. Is there a way where I can still go in on the 23rd ?

  6. discman says:

    i intend to camp at the url tonite at mid nite to get the tower bridge.. 😀

  7. DT says:

    Hmm i intent to get the 10212 Imperial Shuttle™ not sure if i am able to get it on Friday as i am not a member

  8. amodularlife says:

    Good luck to all those who are eyeing sets to get at BW! I may sit this one out… unless I think I need some spare modular sets for parts. Hmmm…

    @Karen: You can probably go in… just try… smile and ask nicely and see if someone is willing to help you by using their membership. I wouldn’t mind if someone asked me politely and I think most ppl will think that way too?

    @Juppy: Are you a closet AFOL? 😛 Actually I usually spot more adults than kids in the specialty stores, so no need to be shy lar.

  9. Discman says:

    Just place the order for the Tower Bridge and Obi Wan’s Jedi Starfighter.. Hopefully can pick it up tomolo.. 🙂

  10. BT says:

    What? Looks like Tower Bridge already sold out ….. 😦

  11. hedgehog says:

    was at BW at this afternoon. the shelf at the side with 10xxx boxes looks empty, if front of the counter, the floor is full of orders. before i left about 2-3 boxes of shuttle adventure.

    Tower Bridge is sold out at around 4pm (will not top up). Both modulars are gone.

    the lady boss told me a guy ordered 18 boxes of grand emporium, btw i had told her to have such discount every 6 mths or so, she will be considering.

  12. DT says:

    Anyone knows if they will be restocking those 10xxx sets ?

    • TC says:

      Just back from BW
      I heard from staff at PS BW tomorrow’s restock mostly for online purchases….
      Might not have enough 10xxx sets for tomorrow.
      Fingers-crossed for friday’s stock too.

      Kowtow for the 18 box guy
      I thought im the crazy one when i bought 6 various boxes……

  13. Discman says:

    went to collect my tower bridge at 9 pm jus now.. the lady also told me abt the 18 box guy.. she say tower bridge confirm no have liao.. the rest will come in stock tomolo but the 10xxx series are hot. should do online orders if want..

  14. amodularlife says:

    Thanks for the updates guys! Very exciting to read… was it really crowded at the stores? You went down to PS or Taka?

    What do you do with 18 boxes of GE? Or buy to sell? Hmm…

    Anyway I got my modulars from TH during their member offer last year so think I’ll be good and not get anything during this sale… *control*

  15. TC says:

    was at PS btwn 7.30pm – 8.30pm
    only 3 customers (incl me)
    was there cause heard that alot of 10xxx sets were gone at taka
    heard from the staff talking to some enquiries on the phone that the tower bridge no more restock…
    saw 1 each of imperial flagship, IS, SF still on shelf when i left.
    online was replenished as of now except TB….
    anyway saw alot of online purchases waiting to be collected

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