LEGO Themes that you like best?

UPDATE: Oh and almost forgot… City fans may be interested in the new train set reported over at EB: New train revealed, set 3677 – It’s a new cargo train.  Am not too psyched about it what with so many other sets and themes to get this year.


I was looking at the number of clicks today and wondered if the clicks are reflective of the themes that you readers are interested in? If yes, then I guess City fans reign… tho I suppose there is also less interest in POTC sets since the hi-res pics were out some time back… hard to tell.

  1. City gallery – 117
What do you think?

6 Responses to LEGO Themes that you like best?

  1. A modular life is to be found in the modular buildings of course! No? I think the apple tree house and the Creator light house is kinda close to the few really amazing modular buildings. The City theme comes natural with the Modular highlights… 😉 …and I think the POTC comes close to the medieval market, witch is an Exclusive… …it all connects. Just as the bricks!

  2. Well, I can’t speak for others, but in my case gizmodo’s site uses up 95-100% of my CPU when I try to load it and freezes up my PC. So, I only had a chance to click on one link. I think I clicked on the first one on your list, whichever that was. I’m waiting until the photos get uploaded to one of the LEGO sites or flickr. 😉
    That train is so meh….:(

  3. amodularlife says:

    @Dan: At the rate that I feature Technic n Hero factory, I don’t really expect those fans to gravitate to this site… I’m sure part of the ranking is due to the lower ranked theme not having summer sets. Oh well, perhaps time to do a reader survey? Haven’t done one in such a long time I’ve almost forgotten how to. 😛

    @Akunthita: Oh I had no problems on my little netbook. Hmm… try Brickset? I think the pics would have found its way there by now. Hehe, I thought so about the train too but I thought it might be cos I’m not quite a train person. The Maersk train looks better IMO.

  4. walsh klien says:

    Yeah City reigns!

  5. ufo says:

    defenetly star wars collection 🙂

  6. wayfinder says:

    I am a City fan, but I do buy other Non-City such as Indiana Jones and Toy Story. I have this plan to build a Disneyland style type of theme park for my City occupants. Even my minifigs need to play.

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