Singapore Only: Toystation Extra 7% Offer

Hmm, so the scene gets more competitive with Toystation/Brickstation giving this offer.  But since 10xxx sets are not on offer, which seems to be what the SG AFOLs are targeting for the BW sale… there is no overlap?  This would be good for people looking for older sets I guess.

Hello Lego Fanatics

We are pleased to inform you that from the 25th of February 2011 till the end of the month, customers will get to enjoy an extra 7%on top of their usual discount that they are currently enjoying. However, please remember to mention the promo code “I LOVE BRICKSTATION” at the counter while making payment. If no promo code is mentioned, customers will only get the usual discount rate.
(10XXX sets, promotional sets currently on offer, selected lifestyle products and imported sets are NOT on sale)
Anyway, I read this hilarious discussion about whether a bollywood song & dance will up the discount vs the expected declaration of love – READ HERE.
Note that the Simply Toys pre-renovation offer (20% off LEGO) at Raffles Place is over.  Understand from the ST staff that the RP store will be closed for a month for renovation.

One Response to Singapore Only: Toystation Extra 7% Offer

  1. Joe says:

    So, we just need to say the promo code when making payment? Hope it wun be very awkward haha…

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