Online Barnes & Noble Deals

UPDATE: Unfortunately, all the recent 30% codes don’t seem to work (since Monday based on the discussion – by an ‘anon’).  If any changes will update again. 😦


With all the Singapore sales taking place, just want to highlight some great deals in BN.

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 is US$279.95 and LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart’s Castle 4842 is US$149.95 on BN. Both are eligible for kids club discount of 30%, which is a great deal especially with their reasonable worldwide shipping charges of US$12.98 for first item and US$5.98 for additional items in same shipment.

Happy shopping!

24 Responses to Online Barnes & Noble Deals

  1. Anonymous says:

    Which coupon code u used for the 30% discount? Seems like it is not working anymore

  2. DT says:

    hmm i try the discount code at posted at hardware zone but it does not seems to work, anyone have others ?

  3. OCK says:

    They might have disable it for lego. And now not usable with code.

    Even the 10% for some sets are gone now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Their website still have Kids’ Club Eligible on all the Lego products , so dun think they have disabled it

  5. amodularlife says:

    Code should work since the kids club logo is there as anon said. I can’t try cos I’ve already used the coupon. Anyone can help to verify?

    Quick check: You guys are all kids club members right?

  6. Nick Yap says:

    Tried the code too and it didn’t work.

    Read the fine print for the code though, works with one address only.

    Signed up for the Kid’s Club but haven’t gotten my coupon yet… guess Mindstorms gotta wait… 😦

  7. Anonymous says:

    I used a different address and on non lego toy products and the codes also do not work. I tried both NtK9R7V and T9F9D8N.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Should be N7K9R7V

  9. amodularlife says:

    Strange… I tried N7K9R7V on a SW set a few days back and it worked fine… maybe the fineprint has changed? What a shame, I love the ‘comparative’ bargains on Comparative cos it’s probably the norm in the USA but great buys for everyone else.

  10. TC says:

    yes i tried too…..
    cannot used

  11. hedgehog says:

    is there some email to communicate rather than posting codes here.

    anyone can read and copy your code… (whether works or not).

  12. Anonymous says:

    The codes are standard and not tagged to a particular user. I was still using N7K9R7V on Monday. It stopped working on Tuesday onwards.

  13. OCK says:

    lucky i got my PQ pyramid before this…what a shame….hopefully they will have it back when the new 2011 sets are up again

  14. amodularlife says:

    Erm… u can email me at

    I prob check the comments more frequently than I check my email tho. And yea, I also thought the codes are not tagged. Everyone seems to get the same codes each time.

  15. Nick Yap says:

    Yeap, all 30% discount codes are not working. Just got the email from BN containing the code T9F9D8N and it doesn’t work. 😦

  16. mikmik says:

    The 30% off has certainly been removed………… what a shame.

  17. DT says:

    Hai, guess i miss out on a great buy

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ok, the codes only work for the stormtrooper clock. Lego sets still no go.

    Info from Afols at hwz

  19. Legosiao says:

    I may be one of the luckier ones to order at 30% off….on 7th Feb.
    but i have not yet recieved the items!! and the charge has appeared on my credit card already!

  20. Anonymous says:

    You are not the only one lah, it is normal to wait 3 to 4 weeks for BN international shipping

  21. Legosiao says:

    ohhh…. that was my first order on BN…. I tot that shipment is lost.

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