Building an iMac & NetDevil trims LEGO Universe team

Building an iMac

My bf asked me recently again if I want a Macbook… so when I saw this LEGO iMac by Chris “Powerpig” McVeigh, of course I felt like blogging about it.

What do you think? If you like it, Chris has very kindly shared the Lego Digital Designer model on his site that apparently works out to be US$100 if you get all the parts from PAB. 

And the answer is ‘no’.  I did get my current toy not too long ago, and am still fairly happy with it.  Anyone already using a Macbook/Macbook Pro/Air?  Love it/hate it? Pros & cons?


NetDevil trims LEGO Universe team

The other piece of news that caught my eye is that NetDevil has retrenched most of the LEGO Universe team.  While I don’t play MMO/LEGO Universe, some of you long time readers may remember my previous post about the great NetDevil office (nice chairs and loads of LEGO everywhere)? 

Anyway I wonder what will happen to the LEGO Universe…

And from what was reported, it’s a horrid way to inform people that they have been laid off.  Hope at least that they got good packages.  😦 


7 Responses to Building an iMac & NetDevil trims LEGO Universe team

  1. Nick Yap says:

    Am using a Macbook Pro. I love the Mac software, how wonderfully initiative it is, how it makes one extremely productive and heck, it is fun to use – easy to search for files, no more freeze ups or weekly virus scans and really easy to back up.


    The hardware (may) sucks for MacBook Pro. Am not too sure about whether it is Q/C issue but from immediate colleagues and myself included, we ALL had troubles with the hardware. Within the first year of purchase, I have sent my laptop to the service centre four times because either the hard-disk or the connecting cable for the hard disk would be damaged. It’s frustrating, I don’t abuse my laptop nor have I ever dropped it. I’ve called Apple for a replacement but they have refused outright, reasoning that my computer now is slightly more than a year old from purchase even though the problem have been ongoing the past year. Having an extended warranty doesn’t help. Nor does having small electric shocks while using the laptop while charging helps.

    My colleague’s newly purchased Macbook pro had issues with the RAM and hard disk. Within the first month of usage, it crashed and those parts have to be replaced. Another two of my colleagues had issues with the battery and charger. Both had to replace these parts within the first week of purchase.

    One might argue it’s bad luck, but I’m beginning to think it’s sloppy Q/C efforts… for the Macbook Pro at least. The Macbook looks more durable.

    Still, I love using it. I can’t imagine going back to a Windows based computer.

  2. walsh klien says:

    Ipad 2 perhaps? I think it’s coming out soon =P

  3. amodularlife says:

    @walshklien: Not really… think the lack of keyboard will make it hard for me to blog… so still have to have a keyboard.

    @Nick: Wow, thanks for the insight! I hate the idea of getting lemons… where is the Apple repair outlet btw? For me product quality n reliability is really important… I got turned off Nokia pretty much forever cos of that.

    • Nick Yap says:

      @amodularlife: The official service centre for your Apple products (except iPhones) is Sapura. There’s one over at Funan 5th Level, another at Toa Payoh industrial estate and Yio Chu Kang, if I’m not mistaken. Despite the overall friendly service (finally!), do remember that Sapura’s hands are tied and unable to make one for one exchanges. Apple has the power to do that… which means you have to call their asia pacific hotline.

      Yeah, lemons suck. I have been accused of being unrealistic and wanting a perfect computer when I tell others of this, but let’s face it. I know technology is not perfect but breaking down almost every two months (the most recent was two weeks!) after the repairs AND during the first year of purchase is a bit ridiculous.

      • amodularlife says:

        @Nick, from what you’ve described, unfortunately it sounds like you got a lemon instead of a good apple (bad pun, I know sorry!). Did some reading and internet searches and Macbook problems sounds much more common than I’d expected…

        Let’s hope that Singapore introduces the ‘Lemon Law’ soon.

      • Jonathan Lum says:

        Off Topic – @ Nick – seems like you got a batch issue here … if the problem is still outstanding (after 2-3 tries) after sending it to the Apple Svr Ctr … give Apple Hotline a call and speak to the Customer Relationship Manager … things does help … I am telling you this as I been thru the challenges but yet I am still a BIG FAN OF APPLE !!!

        @ Walshklien – iPad is definitely out for her …

        @ amodularlife – think of MacBook Air .. coz you used it mainly for surfing and blogging .. that specs is sufficient for what you need it for & light to carry it around or dump into your ladies bag ..

  4. Nick Yap says:

    Off Topic – @ Jonathan Lum – Yeah, I gave Apple hotline a call but they refused outright, as I’ve said, citing the reason that my laptop now is slightly more than a year old. It was excruciating to keep telling the customer service officer and her manager that the problem persisted well before the one year was up. They kept insisting to ‘trust us and the technicians, give us one more chance.”

    I don’t dislike Apple products, like I’ve said it’s really intuitive to use, but I can’t stand sloppy efforts.

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