LEGO Group has bought over LEGO® Universe Game

UPDATE: Brickset’s Bluemoose (LEGO Ambassador) has posted in the commentary of the Brickset post giving much more clarity to what happened and TLG’s plans for LEGO Universe.  The info are from Andrew Arnold, PR and Communications Manager for LEGO Community, Education and Direct (CED) so I take it as fairly legit. 

The response also shed more light on how the retrenchment exercise was performed and that the 36 staff who were asked to go will receive ‘packages which conform to LEGO standards’.  Wonder what those standards are?


So after the news broke last night that NetDevil had let most of the LEGO® Universe MMO game development team go, news is that LEGO Group has bought over the development rights from Gazillion, who is NetDevil’s parent company.  And the lovely LEGO-ish office?  It’s going to remain home to the newly rehired development team.

“We’re excited about the launch of LEGO Universe, and are happy to have the developers officially join the LEGO team,” said Jesper Vilstrup, Vice President at the LEGO Group. “This acquisition demonstrates our commitment both to the ongoing success of LEGO Universe and to an overall strategy to expand our brand online.”

Am still not interested in a LEGO MMO tho. I prefer real bricks over virtual ones any time…


6 Responses to LEGO Group has bought over LEGO® Universe Game

  1. juppy says:

    seems nice though. just too costly

  2. Interesting…I do agree with you though on real bricks being a lot more fun! 😀
    But I guess LEGO just wants to make sure they remain fresh in the lives of today’s kids.
    Although if you see all real-brick creations done by younglings over at MOCPages, flickr and BrickLime, I don’t think LEGO really has to worry. It seems like today’s kids are just as much into real LEGO bricks as previous generations! 😉

  3. amodularlife says:

    @akunthita: I suppose it’s a way to attract new fans… but then seeing as 50% of the potential market (i.e. girls) are pretty much neglected, I have to question TLG’s priorities.

  4. delta says:

    Yeah, I agree, I am not interested in that whole Universe thing either.
    TLC again makes the mistake of moving too far away from their core product, the plastic building brick. I get the same feeling with their clothing line, lego bags, lego mugs, lego umbrella, usb drive, radio, camera.
    I mean where will it end?

  5. Nick Yap says:

    I don’t think it will ever end. Lego is part of modern pop culture – something recognizable like the golden arches of McDonald’s. While TLC’s core product might be those lovable plastic bricks, not everyone have the patience to build stuff or be creative. IMHO most people like owning a recognizable icon that others can identify and relate to. TLC’s lifestyle products is a smart move by the company to reach out to these people.

    To be honest I was excited about Lego Universe – a good idea, but from what I’ve read and seen, it might have been poorly executed (yet to play the game so can’t pass a judgement). Hopefully it improves.

  6. amodularlife says:

    I think the lifestyle lines can be appealing… take the Star Wars clocks for one. Or a well-executed LEGO minifig USB drive can be nice as a gift too. 😉 Think there could be fans out there who love all things LEGO branded? Plus great way to earn fees from licensing…

    Let’s see where TLG takes LEGO Universe… I think they would have been better off changing the sales model, and selling in-game credits for gamers to buy nice stuff and limited edition outfits, furniture, accessories, etc.

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