LEGOLAND Malaysia in Singapore Newspaper

UPDATE: This site (Relax) has 32 photos of LEGOLAND Malaysia’s structures, builders, stores, etc.  See more by clicking here k?


Thought you readers may be interested in the progress/updates on LEGOLAND Malaysia… the local newsapaper The Straits Times had an article on LEGOLAND Malaysia in their Sunday Lifestyle section today. 

In the article, it describes the team of 32 builders working hard to complete the 15,000 LEGO structures by end of 2012, which is when the park is expected to open.  The park is supposed to be a 15 minutes drive from the Tuas Second Link, one of the 2 bridges connecting Singapore and Malaysia so I would finally visit a LEGOLAND once it’s open.  Actually nothing really new, but still good to hear the park is progressing.

If you would like to know more, I previously posted 2 video clips about the LEGOLAND builders here.

UPDATE: A bit more info in AFP’s article… there will be 40 rides and loads of trees, tho given the tendency for either hot sun or heavy thunder storms in this area, I would prefer loads of air conditioning…

4 Responses to LEGOLAND Malaysia in Singapore Newspaper

  1. ambo 100 says:

    It’s great to see Asia getting a Legoland park.

  2. Nick Yap says:

    Heh heh, maybe they would sell Lego at less ridiculous prices! 😀

  3. walsh klien says:

    Looking forward to Legoland, will definitely make the trip across the Causeway once it’s up!

  4. amodularlife says:

    I hope they are not going to sell the sets at Malaysia’s ridiculous prices! also hope this means new sets will arrive sooner in this part of the world? I hate having to wait for sets when USA had them months ago (like PQ and DA). Bleh.

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