LEGO-fy your computer

Here’s another product if you’ll like to be surrounded by studs…

Taiwan’s Coobeeo has released a LEGO-ish casing for PC called ‘HELLO-Q’.  As you can see from the pics you have some options to personalise it.

And with my limited chinese, here’s my best attempt at translating the item description from the Coobeeo site without resorting to Google Translate: 

品 名 型 號 /Product Name : HELLO-Q   顏 色 /Colour : 黑/粉紅/粉藍/白 (Black/Pink/Baby blue/White)
尺 寸 /Dimensions : 450mm (長 /length) x 200mm (寬 /width) x 410mm (高 /height)
內 部 構 造 / Internal Config: 二 大 二 小 (two big, two small) (?what does that mean?)
電 源 供 應 器 位 置 /location of power plug/supply (?) : 後 置 (behind)  
前 置 連 接 埠 /front attachments : USB x 2 AUDIO      
主 機 板 規格 : ATX M/B或 Micro ATX M/B


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4 Responses to LEGO-fy your computer

  1. walsh klien says:

    Nice! This give whole new meaning to IT geeks like me =P Haha! I wonder if we can fins this in SG. But thinking out loud this is pretty easy to do just get some Lego plates super glue them to PC casing and wala!

  2. Cecilie says:

    “內 部 構 造 / Internal Config: 二 大 二 小 (two big, two small) (?what does that mean?)”

    I know absolutely no chinese, but I’m a computer geek 😉 My guess is that this means there is room for two 3,5″ units (the size of a hard disk drive) and two 5,25″ units (the size of a cd-rom drive), as it is normal to specify how many such slots there are inside a PC case.

  3. amodularlife says:

    @walshklien: I thought about DIY and sticking plates too, but probably not as nice looking?

    @cecilie: Ooooooh… that makes sense… the chinese phrasing sounds really strange. It’s literally ‘2 big 2 small’. Thanks! 🙂

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