Singapore Only: Update on March & April Arrivals

Hey, thanks to Alvin n Rekseah for the heads up. 🙂

March Arrivals

So the sets have already arrived or are arriving in Singapore stores this week depending on the usual delivery schedule, so you can head over to your favourite stores this week for some retail therapy.  Here’s the full list of March arrivals taken off ToyStation’s email:


  • 3365 Space Moon Buggy
  • 3366 Satellite Launch Pad
  • 3367 Space Shuttle
  • 3368 Space Center

LEGO Games

  • 3852 Sunblock
  • 3853 Banana Balance
  • 3854 Frog Rush
  • 3855 Ramses Return
  • 3856 LEGO Ninjago


  • 5945 Winnie The Pooh’s Picnic
  • 5946 Tigger’s Expedition
  • 5947 Winnie The Pooh’s House

LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest

  • 7305 Scarab Attack
  • 7306 Golden Staff Guardians
  • 7307 Flying Mummy Attack
  • 7325 Cursed Cobra Statue
  • 7326 Rise Of The Sphinx
  • 7327 Scorpion Pyramid

LEGO Technic

  • 8070 Supercar

Quick computation n the LEGO Games pricing is fairly reasonable after 20% discount off local price.  SunBlock n Banana Balance is a little pricier, but not worth the trouble of shipping in & risking damaged boxes.  Supercar is still a shocking S$36 more even after 20% discount locally tho…

So far I’ve heard that the sets are already at BricksWorld, ToyStation & Metro (dunno which branch tho). 

And BricksWorld’s member specials for March/April are:

  • 3368 Space Center @ $103.90 (20%)
  • 5947 Winnie The Pooh’s House @ $55.90 (20%)
  • 8099 Midi Scaled Imperial Star Destroyer @ $77.31 (10%)
  • 8864 Desert of Destruction @ $187.11 (10%)

Don’t understand the last 2 since members get 10% off anyway, so what’s so special about the pricing??

Ok, and on to….

April Arrivals

Some good news and some bad news here.

The good? 10217 Diagon Alley and 8804 Collectible Minifig Series 4 are arriving in April! Yay!  And no price increase in Series 4 figs, so it’s S$3.90 each or $234 for a box of 60.

The bad? The price for DA is shockingly disgustingly bad. So bad that I feel like boycotting getting any sets locally. It’s S$319.90 vs US$149.90.  Before discount, the diff is like S$125!! S$125???! It’s like… WTF… (hey, I assume you are all adult readers and I’ve had a pretty crappy day at work… if you are offended, pls stop reading)

Even after a 20% discount, the price is still a weltering S$255.92, or S$61 more… considering that I need like 2 more… may even work out cheaper shipping in from the USA.

10 Responses to Singapore Only: Update on March & April Arrivals

  1. rekseah says:

    Hey, did i sms you first or alvin?

  2. walsh klien says:

    This just goes to show why I don’t want to get HP sets or sets that are licensed. It just jacks up the price way way high until it’s not even worth getting it in SG. Maybe if I am in US may still think twice =)

  3. Alvin says:

    Am I the only one (couldn’t be…) that think Diagon Alley is actually quite reasonably priced – that is based on comparison with the last modular set GE, selling at US $149.90 and retails at SG $339.90. Diagon Alley had comparable numbers of pieces to a modular set, more minifigs and cost less. It isn’t that bad based on current SG pricing.

    Furthermore, freight charges of shipping things in are generally increasing as well – it isn’t really feasible or the cost saving is quite mininal compared with a 20% DC…unless it is BN and BN won’t carry 10217 Diagon Alley for sure. If you happen to visit US and hand carry it back, then of course it is a different story.

    But of course, SG prices are obviously bad generally…looks even worse with the USD dropping to record low levels. I suppose that is another issue altogether…not just an specific issue with Diagon Alley.

  4. Will Tang says:

    I got mine from at US$149.90 exc local shipping ($12 I think). Comgateway charge me USD50 to ship to SG. So the price is about the same as 20% discount. But where can I find 20% discount?

    • discman says:

      the 20% discount only happen for stores like metro when they have 20% storewide discount or when bricksworld have their annual sale in Feb. sometimes, takashimaya will have 10% + 15% discounts and that is usually more rare. also, usually for big stores like metro and taka, they may not carry the 10xxx series as these are themed as special series. For DA’s case, i’m still hoping that metro will carry it.. 🙂

  5. amodularlife says:

    @rekseah: Alvin left a comment earlier on the new sets. But you sms-ed me. Why the qn?

    @walshklien: Yeah feel quite happy I got 2 DA’s from the USA via a friend.

    @alvin & wongkw: I know what the modular set prices are in SG vs USA, and I find the diff very **** (insert expletive of choice) too. So no, it doesn’t make me feel any better that I’m getting ripped off less here. What’s more, if you look at the local pricing, it’s always the ‘less popular’ (IMO) sets that have much lower mark-up vs USA prices. I say the pricing is more a demand-supply thing than a size thing.

    @Will & discman: I suspect dept stores won’t carry DA, but we can always hope… 20% during specialty store promos, like the recent Bricksworld one. TH & SC have their annual sales too.

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