Taking a short break…

Due to a confluence of factors, I need more time to focus on my personal and work-life.  Unfortunately, that means  I need to take some time off from blogging… 😦

Don’t worry, I’m not entering into a 2nd dark ages or anything like that.  I will still have time to enjoy Flickr creations which I will bookmark to share with you on the right sidebar (pls scroll down!) or you can click on this link to see them in large format, much like how I used to present them: amodularlife’s Flickr favourites in large view.

Blogging resumes… in a few weeks?  Keep checking back cos I suspect I can’t entirely stay away for too long anyway… 😛 

If you have already subscribed you will receive an email notification when I have a new post, or you can make use of the RSS feed k? 

And here are some of the creations I’ve liked over the past week on Flickr:

5 Responses to Taking a short break…

  1. yoda1942 says:

    Enjoy your break 😉

  2. Have a good break! I know you want stay away for long! 😉

  3. walsh klien says:

    Have a good break! You deserve it =)

    Sometimes it’s nice to step back and come back fresh and jumping with ideas =)

  4. William says:

    Have fun during your break,
    just to tell you that you have been really inspiring to me with my blog.

  5. amodularlife says:

    Thanks all for the well wishes. Been really busy with work and settling some personal matters. Not much of a break!

    On the personal front, looking forward to starting on a new project. Will share more once details are firm. Think will be fun to get some ideas from you all too. 🙂

    @ william: Thanks! 🙂 Love your consolidated RSS feeds btw. I wanted to create a page like that too but am too much of a technical dummy to succeed… =P

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