No more BN Bargains?

The 30% Kids Club coupons cannot be used on LEGO in BN… but then again even at 10% off prices I think some sets are worth ordering from BN.

Read this off HWZ thread and just wanted to share what ‘delay’ shared from his correspondence with BN on the use of the 30% discount code on LEGO:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.

We apologize for the difficulty you encountered when attempting to apply
coupon T9F9D8N
to your Barnes & Noble order.

Please be advised that the terms and conditions of this promotion
indicate that this coupon cannot be applied to “LEGO Star Wars ™
ARC-170 Starfighter ™ 8088” (UPC: 673419129053).

On this item’s product page, it clearly states:

Note: This item does not qualify for coupons or promotional discounts
unless expressly stated.

We apologize for any misinformation that was given previously.

The product page also states that this item is eligible for the Kids
Club Program, which means the purchase of this item will count towards
the $100 needed to earn the Gift Card reward.

Please note the terms and the conditions of the promotion as follows:

Store Coupon and Online Coupon Details:

For each new B&N Kids’ Club Participant, this coupon can be redeemed
once at any Barnes & Noble retail store and once per billing address
online at To redeem the offer in Barnes & Noble retail stores,
the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club Participant must show the BookSeller their
valid B&N Member card or B&N Kids’ Club loyalty card with the printed
e-mail featuring the Welcome Bonus coupon code and corresponding card
number on display. To redeem the offer online, enter the coupon code
during Checkout.

This coupon is valid from February 15, 2011 to May 3, 2011 at 2:59 a.m.
Eastern Time and entitles Barnes & Noble Kids Club Participant to 30%
off the List Price on any one (1) of the following qualifying Kids’
products: (i) Children’s Books located within the “Barnes & Noble
Junior” section of all Barnes & Noble retail stores or navigable from
the Kids section of Barnes & (excluding all teen books
navigable from the Kids or Teens sections), (ii) Toys, (iii) Children’s
Games, (iv) Children’s Puzzles, and (v) Children’s Workbooks. The 30%
discount will be applied to the most expensive qualifying product in the
order. At BN.COM, simply look for the “Kids’ Club Eligible” message or
the following icon:

We regret any inconvenience this matter may have caused you. 

4 Responses to No more BN Bargains?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dun know why they disabled the discount from 22 Feb onwards. Was able to get the Clone Turbo Tank while it was still working. Missed out on the Police Station when I checked out on 22 Feb. Sigh.

    Best online deal and cheap shipping . Saved around 50% off the retail price.

  2. r1chard says:

    On the brighter side, I was able to order Apple Tree House and Krusty Krab Adventures when the code was still working. Now I’m eying Hagrid’s Hut and a new miracle coupon to fall from the sky.

  3. OCK says:

    i hope this is not because they make a loss from selling lego…it will be really sad…

    hopefully the code will come back alive for Jun releases…now i got a $5 kid’s club voucher and i don’t know what to buy…

  4. NEW Online Coupon Code: V7T4Y4X

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