New exclusive and architecture series sets

I wasn’t too excited about the news… but then in case you are, here’s what Grogall shared in EB about 2 new exclusives and 2 new architecture series sets:

just received a list from list from a friend who works at TRU

and there are two more exclusive sets listed

Price and availability are unknown at the moment!

10220 VW Van item ID 4593087
10222 Seasonal Set ID 4593092

So 10221 is still open?

21008 Burj Khalifa-Dubai ID 4642302
21010 Farnsworth House ID 4642305

The list can be loaded from here!

The seasonal item is probably a follow-up to the winter theme… no surprise there.  VW Van is new tho.  As for the architecture sets… I’m kinda losing interest in the series…

You can read more from this EB thread.

One Response to New exclusive and architecture series sets

  1. killyrbf says:

    Wow!! A VW Van! I love VW Vans. My main collection is diecast VW Vans/Buses. I it does not come out soon since I know it will be pricey and as of now our funds are being set aside for the the new activity books with minifigures (

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