Rietveld Lego buffet

Droog is selling a limited edition LEGO buffet furniture… thought it’s interesting, tho not something I would be interested in getting.

Description: A playfully charming yet serious piece of adult furniture, Buffet is a re-interpretation of Rietveld’s 20th century Buffet made of approximately 26,000 Lego bricks. In line with Reitveld’s manifest for a do-it-yourself method of building furniture from standardized parts, the Minale-Maeda interpretation by its own qualities becomes autonomous and divorced from its parents; the iconic Rietveld and the iconic Lego brick. Using toys to make real furniture for grown-ups, an industrial process of standardization starts to feel more human.

SpecificationsYear: 2010
Material: LEGO® bricks
Product Size: 198 x 45 x 104 cm
Edition: 5

Right now I would be more interested in having my own study table with a layer of LEGO underneath… perhaps personalised with names… like this one, but instead half the width and lined up against the wall… what do you think? Do-able right? 

If you are interested you can read more from my earlier post about this LEGO table.

3 Responses to Rietveld Lego buffet

  1. walsh klien says:

    Wouldn’t it be difficult to write on a piece of paper with all those studs sticking out on the table? =P

    • amodularlife says:

      No lar… u have a layer underneath for support, like wood or metal. Then layer with bricks… 6 to 8 studs I think… then cover with a piece of glass. I think can also DIY with Ikea table, but then need to cut a few inches off from the table legs to offset the height from the LEGO bricks.

      I think it’s nice to be surrounded by something I like even when I’m working or studying lor. Plus add colour and a personal touch to the room. (^_^)

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