Some news and frags

So better res pics of Collectible Minifig Series 5 are all over the web by now.  I found out via Ugly Duckling or you can visit the toy store where the pics originated from: Mikado Spieleland

Anyway for Singapore AFOLs, Series 4 will be in by early April.  Going by Series 3, there should be plenty of stocks tho I wouldn’t bet on getting the figs you want by ‘molesting’ the packs.  I actually heard of Singapore AFOLs who took leave just to ‘hunt’ for elves… scary… the standard 20% offer applies to most stores so just go ahead and get from whichever store you like.

One more from Ugly Duckling… the exclusive LEGO Harry Potter Dictionary Minifig is actually Harry in dress robe.  Remember him and Ron at the Yule ball?

Yeah, I do read Ugly Duckling quite often, which is why I’m going to add it to my RSS feeds and links right after this.  🙂

One Response to Some news and frags

  1. walsh klien says:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing! I just got my Series 4 from my HK trip =)

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