Pirate of the Caribbean set reviews

These are too good not to share, but before I start, some pics to whet your appetite.

Tempted yet? Ha, thought so.  You can head over to these links:

No idea where Versen got the sets from, and I couldn’t understand the review but great pics! 🙂

Via The Ugly Duckling

2 Responses to Pirate of the Caribbean set reviews

  1. walsh klien says:

    Hmmm… not very impressed with these set, however I may get the 2 brownish tribal minifigs to add to my classic Indians collection =P

    Some parts looks nice though, may get them separately through Bricklink or local shops that may break the sets:
    1. Tile with skeleton prints and wine bottle from 4182
    2. Bucket with handle from 4194

  2. Woa! Nice! I agree with walsh klien though. I may just wait until these sets are partad out on Bricklink and get all those unique parts in quantity, rather then buying whole sets. 😉

    I definitely need several of those cannibals, bottles, buckets, the globe, and various other unique parts.
    Oh, and gotta have the mermaids! They are just LOVELY! 😀

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