Looking for Ninjago sets barcodes?

Update on 12 May:

Hi people, I think the repeated questions are getting out of hand. Two simple rules:

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– Any questions repeated more than once by the same person will be deleted.

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Hey people, you can see more pics of the LEGO sets HERE okDon’t just use the barcodes, you should check out the sets too. 🙂

UPDATED: Thanks to Legomom for the Fire Temple barcode. 🙂

UPDATED: Thanks to dawgman20 for the Blacksmith barcode. 🙂

So was I.  If you are, then hope you like these.  Thanks to dawgman20 who pointed out that the barcodes are available online.  I got a brainwave to create barcodes using one of those free barcode sites.  Tested most of them so these DIY barcodes do work.  In case of any typos tho, let me know k?

For you readers who are playing the LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt.  Don’t you love cheat codes? 😉

  • 2111 Kai

  • 2112 Cole
  • 2113 Zane
  • 2257 Spinjitzu Starter Set
  • 2254 Mountain Shrine
  • 2258 Ninja Ambush
  • 2259 Skull Motorbike
  • 2260 Ice Dragon Attack
  • 2263 Turbo-Shredder
  • 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo


  • 2505 Garmadon’s Dark Fortress


  • 2506 Skeleton Monster Truck
  • 2507 Fire Temple


  • 2508 Blacksmith


  • 2509 Earth Dragon Defence
  • 2516 Ninja Training Outpost


  • 2518 Nuckal’s ATV


  • 2519 Skeleton Bowling


  • 2520 Ninjago Battle Arena


187 Responses to Looking for Ninjago sets barcodes?

  1. dawgman20 says:

    i’ve got barcodes for 23 sets and none of them work for either the turkey drumstick or the hammer. if anyone knows which sets they belong to, please post. thanks.

  2. Flameark says:

    The diamonds one is when jay is tryin to impress Nya, I’m still stuck on the one where the master is trying to teach Kai, which one do u use for both of those?

  3. kevin says:

    how do you get the turkey leg

  4. dawgman20 says:

    Turkey leg and hammer. Ok, so this pretty f’ing lame. the turkey leg and hammer are in the Blacksmith Shop set (Set 2508). You can see them on the cover of the box on some sites. This set isn’t even available in stores yet, so how are you supposed to get the barcode or scan it? What a joke

  5. dawgman20 says:

    Figured out the turkey leg and hammer. don’t ask me how i figured it out, but here is the barcode for the blacksmith shop: 5702014734654.

  6. dawgman20 says:

    diamond is the fortress set: 5702014734623

  7. Choson says:

    How do you get the frying pan?

  8. pk says:

    use 5702014734623 for the frying pan

  9. kevin says:

    I need help with the I came for something greater quest

  10. LegoMom says:

    The quest “I Came For Something Greater” is completed with the Fire Temple (set 2507) bar code 673419144834.

  11. pk says:

    in case anyone is looking for “barrel of monkeys”, it’s in Ninja Training Outpost 673419144926

  12. lkio says:

    where is the barcode for quest kai’s sister

  13. Sue says:

    Does any one know the code for the three helmets
    I have the first on and the last one but can’t work out the one in the middle?

  14. lkio says:

    aaaa where is the barcode for better safe then sorry

  15. lkio says:

    where do i find a diamond for nya and the barcode

  16. Tarah says:

    I’m looking for the barcode for the “grail of a god” quest… any help would be greatly appricated… thank you… the codes listed have helped a bunch 😀

  17. coolgramps says:

    whatz nthe code for a rabbits foot and under the table??
    plz help me

  18. Sue says:

    Hope these help. Nothing beats a trip to KMart 🙂

    2111 Kai ->5702014734678
    2112 Cole -> 5702014734425
    2172 Zane DX -> 5702014734487
    2114 Chopov -> 5702014734449
    2115 Bonezai -> 5702014734456
    2116 Krazi -> 5702014734463
    2170 Cole DX -> 5702014734470
    2113 Zane -> 5702014734432
    2172 Nya 5702014734494
    2173 Nuckal 5702014734500

  19. aaron says:

    Can anyone tell me what the barcodes are for the blue and white shirts in ‘masters of the elements’ are? Thanks

  20. hahaha says:

    what is the code for the double edge sword?

  21. eeeee456456 says:

    Where can i find the golden cup?? “GRAIL OF A GOD”

  22. ... says:

    how do you get the fence for run down smithy

  23. chicken says:

    @ aaron
    blue is jay so im guessing its… 673419144940
    white is – 673419144674

  24. walsh klien says:

    wow you’re pretty desperate considering you posted this topic 3 times within 8 minutes =)

  25. exile31 says:


    Didn’t think I’d forgotten you – did you?

    Here’s a ‘Printer friendly’ Bar code list! Hope it helps…Please shout if you spot any errors and of course don’t forget to fill in the blanks if you can! 🙂


    2111 Kai 5702014734678 – 673419143790

    2112 Cole 5702014734425 – 673419144667

    2113 Zane 5702014734487 – 673419144674

    2114 Chopov 5702014734449 – 673419144681

    2115 Bonezai 5702014734456 – 673419144698

    2116 Krazi 5702014734463 – 673419144704

    2170 Cole DX 5702014734470 – 673419144711

    2171 Zane DX 5702014734432 – 673419144728

    2172 Nya 5702014734494 – 673419144735

    2173 Nuckal 5702014734500 – 673419144742

    2174 Kruncha (Not yet released)

    2175 Wyplash (Not yet released)

    2254 Mountain Shrine (Not yet released)

    2255 Sensei Wu (Not yet released)

    2256 Lord Garmadon (Not yet released

    2257 Spinjitzu Starter Set 5702014734562 – 673419144803

    2258 Ninja Ambush – 673419144810

    2259 Skull Motorbike 5702014734586 – 673419144834

    2260 Ice Dragon Attack 5702014734593 – 673419144841

    2263 Turbo Shredder 5702014734609 – 673419144858

    2504 Spinjitzu Dojo – 673419144865

    2505 Garmadon’s Dark Fortress 5702014734623 – 673419144872

    2506 Skull Truck (Not yet released)

    2507 Fire Temple – 673419144834

    2508 Blacksmith Shop 5702014734654 –

    2509 Earth Dragon Defence (Not yet released)

    2516 Ninja Training Outpost 5702014734678 – 673419144926

    2518 Nuckal’s ATV – 673419144933

    2519 Skeleton Bowling – 673419144940

    2520 Battle Arena 5702014734708 –

    2521 Lightning Dragon Battle (Not yet released)

    (UK codes starting with 5 – US codes starting with 6)

  26. Jay says:

    Hi I used some of the codes and they helped a lot but I’m stuck on the masters of elements and tornado of creation any help would be good thanks 🙂

  27. Sharon says:

    The best

  28. xuan says:

    wheres the frying pan?

  29. dbjfbhfkf says:

    what is the code for grail of a god

  30. dbjfbhfkf says:

    what is the code for the last spinner on tornado of creation

  31. Anonymous says:

    Where do I get the codes for ‘Diy with Ki’? Please help!!!!

  32. help me please says:

    whats the code for grail of god and sharp ends and i have ipad 2 also i finished story mode get back to me when does the story continue

  33. Anonymous says:

    wat is the barcode for thick headed quest

  34. Matt says:

    Whats the bad code for Jay the blue ninja in Masters of the Elements? Ive already tried 67941914490, but it doesnt work?

  35. Matt says:

    Thanks Cathy! Do you know what the code is for Nya as well? Ive tried 5702014734494 and 673419144735 but once again they dont work?

  36. Sparxeffon says:

    Can someyone help me with quest diy with kai ? Please help

  37. dany says:

    can u put finding nya !!!!

  38. chris says:

    i need kai’s spinner help plz

  39. mike says:

    what is the code for diy with kai???

  40. joe says:

    plz help me on stairway to ninjahood

  41. Samy10000 says:

    Which set has chopov in it please help me thanks

  42. Samy10000 says:

    And which set has the rabbits foot in it

  43. WrongMovie says:

    Someones got the lucky dragons claw?

  44. awesome dude says:

    what is the barcode for the bone a mortal cannot go

  45. whats the barcode for learn to see im really stuck 😦

  46. Anonymous says:

    what is the barcode for stairway of ninja hood which is the wooden staircase and sensei wu’s spinner please help!

  47. Jhcjhv says:

    do anywone know the Barcode for sharp ends?

  48. Dan1234 says:

    I need the cup one but thanks for all of it 🙂

  49. Joshua says:

    What’s the code for Senseis spinner

  50. farrel says:

    whats code for “not quite a rabbit’s foot”??????

  51. Beawsome says:

    Does anyone know the code for Under The Table??

  52. anon says:

    Whats the code for stairway to ninjahood?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Wheres the bone

  54. JoshuaAng says:

    ionly got fence for fix the smithy mission. how to get the other two?

  55. killyrbf says:

    Wow!! Lots of digging involved for this game. I wonder if they’re going to integrate the barcodes from the activity books with minifigures (http://killyrbf.blogspot.com/2011/05/i-am-stealth.html).

    Thanks for the fortress tip on Nya, btw.

  56. Anonymous says:

    hammer plz?

  57. JoFus says:

    the other ones for the fence aren’t workin can some1 help me? for the fencce code

  58. ronin70 says:

    i think its in the skull motor bike

  59. no ya says:

    i am stuck on diy with kai what barcode do i use. i used black smith and only got the fence

  60. amodularlife says:

    Hi people, I think the repeated questions are getting out of hand. Two simple rules:

    – Any comments with more than 3 exclamation marks will be deleted.
    – Any questions repeated more than once by the same person will be deleted.

    If you ignore them, you will be blacklisted.

  61. drakner says:

    whres the barcode for the quest the scythe of quakes

  62. Elsplatto says:

    Thanks for the barcodes. My son is playing this on my iPad and thinks you are a hero.

  63. gugugruftie says:

    i can´t find not quite a rabbits foot.can anyone help me? plz

  64. Michael says:

    I’m looking for Ninjago barcodes please!

  65. randomperson says:

    what is stairway to ninjahoods barcode
    this is a quest by the way

  66. naruto says:

    can anyone help me on bullsye cole’s target code

  67. sourunicorn says:

    for the ninjago game the one “under the table” find the turkey drumstick, I was thinking maybe it’s the mystery minifigure zombie, does anyone know the code for that ?

  68. bstby911 says:

    i cant get jay’s clothing. help

  69. K. Qazzaz says:

    Just wanted to thank you soooooooo much for sharing this info. I imagine there are scads of kids all of the world weeping because they didn’t keep their boxes or don’t have all the sets yet….you saved our household from frustration and despair. 🙂 A thousand THANKS!

  70. ninja says:

    hey does anyone know where to find the frying pan

  71. carlos says:

    anyone knows what code to use for master wus ice for his ice tea?

  72. Foster says:

    I can’t do master of the elemements! Any suggestions?

  73. Foster says:


  74. Foster says:

    How does the masters of the elements quest work?

  75. Foster says:

    Come on some help please?

  76. Foster says:

    Frying pan code anyone?

  77. Foster says:

    For the bullseye code just use the one with Cole with the bow and arrow

  78. Foster says:

    And for the learn to see quest use set 2518

  79. Thomas Basham says:

    whats the barcode for sensei wu

  80. Anonymous says:

    masters of elements – cole dx , zane dx and 5702014734562

  81. noob_of_the_life says:

    whats kais spinner barcode

  82. helplol says:

    helpppp me masta wu’s ice tea please tell?!

  83. lewis says:

    any one now which set has the bone if so tell me and the code

  84. wouter says:

    what is the code for the black sword and the first three helmets?

  85. wouter says:

    what is the code for the first and last helm?

  86. Jhon Legon says:

    which is the barcode?
    The stariway

  87. dfd says:

    does anyone have happy camper&barrel of monkeys barcode? anyone?

  88. Colin Bourque says:

    What’s the barcode for the rocks or set if the set is posted I will get the barcod?

  89. Colin Bourque says:

    I got it the set for lift with you’re legs Is earth dragon defense 2509

  90. Colin Bourque says:

    Dose anyone have jays barcode I searched 2 websites and non have them

  91. kid says:

    whats code for fire needs warmth too

  92. Colin Bourque says:

    What’s the barcode for tornado of creation or set

  93. Wessels says:

    Does anyone have the codes for the “circular saw blade” or “dragon babysitting”


  94. NinjagoMom says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the barcode for the Spinner Battle Arena #9456. I’m pretty sure it’s the code for Dragon Babysitting but cannot find the barcode anywhere. Thanks!

  95. Joel says:

    What is the barcode for the sword of fire

  96. chase says:

    what is the code for the circular saw blade

  97. NinjaGoGoGo says:

    Hey what’s the barcode for Mystical Creatures? I need a dragons head and fire temple doesn’t work and ice dragon attack doesn’t work too.

  98. Nicholas says:

    What barcode do I use for fire needs warmth too

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