New pics for Creator Lighthouse Island & Hillside House

Grogall shares some new pics of alternative builds for two new Creator sets.  New set news have been slow ever since the toy fairs, so hopefully there are more to come.  🙂

Lego Creator 5770 Lighthouse Island

Posted Image

Posted Image

Lego Creator 5771 Hill Side House

Posted Image

Posted Image

You can see more pics from this Eurobricks thread.

3 Responses to New pics for Creator Lighthouse Island & Hillside House

  1. delta says:

    Thanks for the new pictures. Hillside house looks a little bit better than I expected, nice to see tan windows, but I don’t like that red roof.
    Also: now that they include a minifig in these Creator sets, Lego seem to have decided to get rid of baseplates.

    By the way, sad to see the Ugly Duckling blog go, don’t you think?

    • amodularlife says:

      Yes re: the Ugly Duckling site. Great updates and really unique posts so it’ll be greatly missed.
      It’s hard to balance family, work and other personal commitments so I can completely understand the struggle… blogging does take up quite a bit of time.

      Re: Creator sets, lines are really blurring between City & Creator huh? Absolute poison for City fans.

  2. Jack says:

    Hi, i am a city fan and are quite dissapointed about the baseplates! I know Hillside House isn’t on a baseplate, but do you know how wide it is? 32×32 etc? Cheers

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