New descriptions of 10218 Pet Shop

Have been checking EB forum for news (erm, leaks).  Hopefully the pics will be out soon.  You can also read more from my previous post about this 2011 modular set.

BudhaBoss, on 27 April 2011 – 09:27 AM, said:

To ease the waiting to the pictures – some more detailed info about the set (I think it would not harm so close to sale date).Looking forward to buy this set. I like that it has two buildings, so it can be placed between the older buildings.

I like the size, as it will be the same as in the case of Market Street building (i.e. 6 studs pavement in the front and 8 studs backyard). The baseplates will be of green color.

What I have seen (yes, I did see it), the pet shop building has a lot of the blue color (sides, back side), only the front has so little. The MOC of FollowsClosely is pretty close, well instead of pet shop, as there will be shop window and glass door and next to it will be stairs to the house upper floors(with mailbox, light (no light brick).

The brown (with few orange tiles) house will have L-Shaped highest floor with some kind of balcony or how to call it, on the side towards backyard. At backyard will be some stairs to first floor and entrance to the cellar.

Animals that I have seen – two parrots, dog (same as in new Police sets) and a cat with lighter color than the dog. 4 figs (one of them child), green bicycle.

It seems that there are spiral stairs inside the brown/orange house. Black roof on the pet shop, dark red on the brown/orange one (plus removable flat top). Plenty of flowers at the windows (similar to cookies in Winter bakery).

2 Responses to New descriptions of 10218 Pet Shop

  1. Thanx! I’m sorta in all the time at your blog to check out if there’s any news at all about 10218 even aware of your tight schedule, and so there was today. Good job! -dB

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