A Modular Life turns One!

I struggled a bit with what to include in an anniversary post, and figured that I probably can’t go wrong with some numbers.  So here we go:

  • All-time views: 656,254
  • Posts: 522 (523 with this post)
  • Comments: 1,717
  • Categories: 111
  • Site Subscriptions: 74
  • Spam comments: 4,656 (no kidding!!)

If we look at the views by month, you can see the growth in views:


And that is true if we look at the average views per day too: 🙂


And since I started using Flagcounter in Jan 2011, visitors from 165 countries have visited my blog. 

By map view:


By country %:


So thanks are in order to the various sites that have provided referrals, such as:

And many many thanks to you readers, especially the regulars who have supported and interacted with me via comments, or by linking my blog to your site.  Didn’t imagine when I first started the blog that I’ll cross half a million views in a year.  More good years ahead! 🙂

Didn’t have time to build a commorative MOC, so I ‘borrowed’ this excellent cake from Chris McVeigh (aka powerpig)…

and here we go…

Happy birthday to blog

Happy birthday to blog

Happy birthday to blogggggggggy

Happy birthday toooooo meeeee! 😛

12 Responses to A Modular Life turns One!

  1. SWISSBRICK says:

    Joyeux anniversaire!!!! All the best from Switzerland. Thanks again for sharing all this!

  2. Huw says:

    Congratulations! Glad to see I’m sending lots of traffic your way.

    Here’s to the next year: see if you can double your traffic!

  3. Happy Birthday, BLOG! 😛
    May you live a long and healthy life! 😉

  4. zjz says:

    Congrats from Sunny Singapore!

  5. Katie says:

    Congratulations! 😉

  6. amodularlife says:

    Thanks to Swissbrick, Huw, Akunthita, zjz & Katie for your well wishes! 🙂

  7. Seriously; 523 posts within a year is a HUGE feat, especially when you are doing this all by yourself! That is 1.5 post a day, every single day, day after day week after week, month after month!
    It took me a while to work myself up to just 3 posts per week! I know the work involved with this! And the commitment and consistency needed to make it happen. You should really be proud and celebrate yourself! 😉
    I noticed that you had some serious quantum jumps a couple of times (last September and this February). What caused the jump? Were you blogging something controversial? 😛
    In any case – GO, GIRL! 😀

  8. Oh! And I keep looking at that cake! It looks so delicious! And I don’t even like cakes! Are there any pieces left? 😀

  9. Oh! And just to clarify; you only got 4,656 spam-comments for the whole year??? You are so lucky! I get that much every two weeks! 😦

  10. amodularlife says:

    @Akunthita: Thanks babe. 🙂

    Three posts/week is a lot, especially since your posts are always so original.

    And yes, only 4,656 spam for a whole year. Not so ‘popular’ I guess, which I’m really glad cos I do try to filter thru all the spam before deleting cos some non-spam comments do get caught by the auto-filter.

    The sudden jumps coincide with the new set pics/leaks. Feb’11 for example was when the NY Toy Fair pics came out. AFOLs love to find out about new sets I guess, and so do I. 😉 Controversial? Probably to some… I still stand by my belief that withholding new set info benefits TLG and the retailers more than the fans.

  11. hedgehog says:

    Congrats to the No 1 Lego Blog in Singapore! HAAAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    my blog birthday is later this month 🙂

  12. walsh klien says:

    congratulations! =)

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