Mini dark ages, sorta…

Haven’t bought a new LEGO set in weeks, and I know you guys/gals haven’t heard much from me for a while so that does make me feel as if I’m in a mini “dark ages”.  Well, not completely cos I do keep track of news like the new winter set being a post office and there being a new calendar with printed numbers (yay, useful for numbered LEGO streets?). 🙂

To be honest, I think planning/furnishing my future home is way more exciting than building any number of modular houses.  Plus the thought of buying more LEGO sets that needs to be packed and moved is  very daunting.  But not to worry, I’m not abandoning LEGO.  Afterall, I have catered for an entire room upstairs for my LEGO collection and 2 shelves downstairs to display my modular houses. 🙂  And I’m really looking forward to building the Pet Shop in my new place – think/hope (?) it’ll be the 1st set I’ll build there!  Plus I know I have to do a re-inventory of my collection…  

Anyway now that the 2011 sets are nearly all divulged… (and I’m waiting for Grogall to share the Post Office pics!), wonder when news of the 2012 sets will start getting out? 😛

9 Responses to Mini dark ages, sorta…

  1. walsh klien says:

    Use the FORCE! Don’t go over to the dark side =P

  2. Katie says:

    See, I hadn’t heard about the post office. So you’re definitely not in a dark ages. 😉

  3. The Yellow brick says:

    I’m glad your not in your dark ages completely because I love reading your blog. Hopefully you will be able to spend alot more time with lego and keep posting here.

  4. Naw….you are not in your dark-ages! Not when you are building a whole LEGO-room! Just hurry-up with your new place so you can get back to us. I think your readers are patient. 😉

    As far as LEGO news, this is actually a perfect time to take a break! 2011 sets are still coming out, but we already know about those, and 2012 is still quite far. So you have about a month to devulge in your home-building/furnishing fun. 😆

  5. amodularlife says:

    @walsh klien: gahhh… despite dozens of SW sets, I’m unable to reply using a SW phrase. 😛 Dun worry, still looking but just not buying.

    @Katie: Read it from Brickset. 🙂

    @Akunthita: Reno is supposed to end in Aug. Ahhhh, can’t wait to move to my new place! Only a month? Hmm, true huh, last year the 2012 sets were known in Aug.

    @The Yellow Brick: Yes, blogging should resume around the time the new sets are released. Hopefully no hiccups in my reno!

  6. Grogall says:

    Jo, That’s it put everything on my shoulders!. ;P

  7. walsh klien says:

    Wow! Look on the bright side I think a lot of Lego stuff coming out in Aug? So maybe after you move in it’s Lego Shopping Spree =P

  8. Guido Rogall says:

    Well here you go a little small but readable!

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