A look at Winter Post Office

Thanks to Grogall.

I want the collectors guide book too!

7 Responses to A look at Winter Post Office

  1. Oh! Nice! Just wonder though; what is the structure on the far right?

  2. killyrbf says:

    Wow!! If only I had the money. The “winter” series is really growing on me. But, I have my eyes (and funds) set on the VW Camper Van – http://killyrbf.blogspot.com/2011/07/going-hungry.html

  3. SIngapore LEGO fan says:

    I am a singaporean who collects LEGO too. Nice to see Singaporeans collecting LEGOs.

  4. SIngapore LEGO fan says:

    Do you have facebook or MSN? The owner of this Blog.

  5. SIngapore LEGO fan says:

    Wad abt MSN ?

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