My future LEGO room and display shelves

I think I promised some updates on my reno – or rather, the LEGO room since this is a LEGO blog.  so here’s the 3D sketches that shows the study, where I intend to display my modular buildings collection (instead of books, yeah… :P) and my LEGO room (I’m a lucky gal!).

Renovations are on-going, and I expect to take some time to unpack the mountain of boxes… so it’ll be a few more months before I’ll be ready to unveil my LEGO room to the world, not to mention getting around to finally opening and building a few hundred MISB sets… 🙂

For those who are interested to see more, I’ve shared 3D sketches of the rest of my new place in my other reno blog:

11 Responses to My future LEGO room and display shelves

  1. zjz says:

    Looks good! *Envy*

  2. Super nice! I LOVE those movable walls! 😀

  3. HJ says:

    That looks amazing, congratulations!

  4. Ahhyi says:

    Awesome. I envy you to have such a huge space to display your LEGO. im moving place too. my wife promise she will find a place for my LEGO.. but im not keeping my hopes up lol…

  5. walsh klien says:

    Wow!!! I envy you!

  6. Nick yap says:

    It’s like a treasure trove for Legos!

    Very nice!

    Just curious, how does one actually keep Legos ‘properly’? Does one have a glass/plastic casing to put over the finished model to prevent dusk from collecting for instance?

  7. amodularlife says:

    Thanks for all the well wishes! I think it’ll be an interesting sight once all the LEGO are together in one room… I kinda picture a ‘store-like’ environment since we are talking about loads of MISB but it could just as well look like a storeroom. Oh well…

    Unfortunately I don’t have much $ left in my budget for covered display shelves. In theory the most ideal way to display the sets is to have them in enclosures so the dust doesn’t gather. We’ll see how it works out. Probably have to figure out a way to store and catalogue opened sets soon since I don’t have a way to display most of my collection. 😦

  8. It would be great if you could get some sliding-glass-doors for the shelves so they don’t collect dust! I guess they would have to be custom-made…have no idea how much that would run in your area, but it could be done! Keep us posted! Watching with interest! 😉

  9. amodularlife says:

    @Akunthita: I know! But they cost a fair bit and I’ll rather not spend that much on carpentry… mabbe phase 2… or 3… or… well, we’ll see. 😛

    If you can interested, you can read about my WIP LEGO room here:

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