Pics of 2012 Girls Theme

Update: To look on the bright side, this has gotta be true if TLG is policing all the sites and asking us (fairly nicely, altho via a lawyer) to remove the pics. 


Or rumoured to be called “Friends” which is a totally lame name IMO.

As expected, round about Aug the 2012 new set news are slowly filtering out. Some info on a new police station (with a bear?) and a whole series of vehicles that I’m not that interested enough to blog about in my semi-dark ages/reno madness stage, but you can read about them HERE.

But back to the Girls theme.  I think the figs actually don’t look too bad, compared to the creepy Belville ones.  I mean, most AFOLs would hate the incompatibility, etc (they are bigger than the standard minifigs) but I can see little girls liking these figs.  Plus I see a tonne of cute accessories and new colurs coming onto the market with these sets that can hopefully be adapted to minifigs (fingers crossed).  I’ll save you the trouble of plowing thru 15 pages of discussion with a summary here of what Mirandir has shared:

  • The theme seems to be kind of storydriven and revolves around 5 stereotypical girl characters, there’s the beutician, the animal lover, the singer/artist, the social one and the intelligent girl(Yep, she comes with a turquoise science workshop).
  • There are some 23 sets, spanning over the whole price range, coming. Sets include everything from houses to a cafe, vet clinic, beautyshop, stables etc etc. Main colors seem to be different shades of pink, purple, turquoise and tan. The “minidolls” are assembled by legs, torso, head and hair just like a minifig.
  • The big house for example has three walls and a roof, it’s also modular so the rooms can be rearranged for an up to 4 floors + roof tall house. The cafe has two and a half wall with a kind of “simulated” roof. The Beauty shop only has one full wall and two half walls
  • In the pictures I’ve seen the figs aren’t really close to any structure and my “eyemeasurement” sucks so it’s kind of hard to get an accurate estimate. But tables and desks are around 6-8 plates (2-3 bricks) high if thats anything to go by.
  • The theme seems to rely heavily on regular bricks just like normal city does. Spotted new molds are a new horse, a porcupine and a new cupcake bottom-ish brick.

Thanks to (I presume) a Chinese employee since these pics came from Taobao (the China equivalent of eBay), we have our 1st preview of this set:


Oh, and amidst all the discussion there was a one-liner rumour about a Disney Princess theme… that was all, but then given the recent rush of licensed themes and the fact that girls love princess theme stuff, I wouldn’t totally discount that one line rumour.

So mums, dads and girlfriends… would you buy the new Girls theme for your daughter/yourself?

8 Responses to Pics of 2012 Girls Theme

  1. walsh klien says:

    This kinda reminds me of the Smurf sets from Megablock =)

  2. Nicholas Yap says:

    With regards to the removed pics… the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw it: Polly Pocket. The earliest version of the dolls.

    • amodularlife says:

      @Nicholas: Hmm… on that thought, if TLG is adventurous enough to deviate from just being a construction toy and wade into the tricky world of little girls, they could consider a range of portable carrying cases that can be stacked together. So if each little girl has a case, a group of friends could stack them up and make a house? That fits the theme of ‘friends’ too. Can still be LEGO-ish with bricks constructed furnitures, etc.

  3. Midori says:

    I worked at TRU and many many times people would complain about how none of the sets had a girl feel. So on the one hand I think it’s a good idea, on the other hand girls want minifigures and not dolls. I don’t see why LEGO can’t make sets like cafés and houses that fit into LEGO city.

  4. Sorry if I have double posted, but I have tried to post this comment twice before and it didn’t show up. 😦

    Totally agree with that! Why LEGO can’t just give girls some regular minifigs in some settings girls are interested in is beyond me!

    Why does LEGO feels like they have to make different figs for girls? Like those freakish Scala figs, or the strange Belville figs. 🙄

    • amodularlife says:

      Sorry about the spam filter acting up! 😦

      I’m guessing that their product research or marketing people made the suggestions… plus little fingers handle bigger figs more easily? Oh well, at least we retain some hope for the buildings and parts right? 🙂

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