Pics of 2012 sets are leaked…

… and gone. Oops.

Pics of the Girls theme, City and Ninjago were up on Brickshelf for a couple of hours. Unfortunately yanked but from the looks of it, if catalogues are out, I expect leaks from other sources to appear pretty soon.

Managed to see them before they were yanked and I must say the parts for the Girls theme looks good!  Just hope that those are prints and not dreaded sticker sheets.  As far as I can see from the ‘chatter’ on EB forums, most AFOLs seem to have liked what they saw too.

4 Responses to Pics of 2012 sets are leaked…

  1. Brick will says:

    Hi, i have all those pictures online at
    Feel free to show them here

  2. Midori says:

    You wont have the pictures up for long. ^

    From the AFOLs I have chatted with most seem disappointed. Eurobricks likes everything and if you don’t you get banned. City police and fire are boring besides the new brick looking brick. NinjaGo looks like Power Rangers. Star Wars brings nothing special. The Dino theme lOoks like the last one but in yellow. The biggest surprise is the fact Friends has better buildings than City has had in years but LEGO wrecked that with weird figures.

  3. amodularlife says:

    @Hothbrick, thanks for the pics and links!

    @Midori, realised I didn’t missed much cos I actually like the Friends buildings and parts the best. I foresee some nice modular salons and cafes coming up. I can happily skip Dinos and Ninjago and the City stuff. Just as well cos I need some recovery from my new home expenses.

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