Hi-res pics of 2012 sets

Ok, admittedly I’ve been lazy. I actually saw them yesterday.  But since they are all over the web by now I’ve a feeling most people have seen them?  Some thoughts on the sets (and links to sources):

  • Collectible Minifig series 7 looks good! Even tho I’m kinda over the novelty, I’ll still get at least a set for collection.
  • Batcave looks… colourful. I prefer the darker looking 1st batcave. Plus I hate stickers.
  • Ninjago sets are still too targetted to boys for me. I may get a few sets selectively, but no more than that.
  • Star Wars is a mixed bag.  Looking forward to getting a Jabba for sure.
  • Dino I will skip. Not sure how dinos will fit with my generally city themed sets and I didn’t miss the 1st incarnation anyway.
  • City sets are kinda bleh. Great for saving some $ in 2012 unless H2 gives us some new themes (hospital?). If not I’ll skip the City sets and save my money for…
  • Spongebob. I know… but the sets look good. Such a cute little pirate ship.
  • And Friends! I know… I’m wimpy and a sucker for the accessories.
  • I might skip Cars… tho they continue to look enticingly cute.  There are just too many sets and I’m not sure if I wanna start another series.
  • Am not a Technic person but the 2012 sets seem to be getting some good vibes.

Do click on the links above for the pics. I’ll just share the MF7 cos that thrilled me the most from all the pics I saw. Think cos I saw the earlier leaked catalogue so most of the other hi-res pics were not a surprise. 😛

5 Responses to Hi-res pics of 2012 sets

  1. BBrick says:

    Regarding the Dino sets and city themed sets , I imagine the way to play with them is to have the dinos escape, and come in THREATENING to DESTROY the city (of course, no brick will be harmed in actual display).

    Love your column!

  2. Nicholas Yap says:

    I’ve never liked Spongebob and its released Lego theme sets of doesn’t grab me at all – but this pirate ship is something else! It looks really fun and cute to build!

    And when will they release new images of Potter? Please more new sets!

  3. wee chong says:

    For the “Friends” lego series, what attracted me is the many accessories and the many vibrant colors that are used to build the set.

  4. BBrick says:

    I just realized the Friends ‘Andrea’s Stage’ has a PIANO!
    Don’t every body rush at once (punch kick … ‘saw it first’ … ouch … grab grab grab !!!)

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