The LEGO office in Denmark

I know, I’ve been away for a while.  At first it was my home renovation, added to the stress of a new job that kept me away from blogging here.  But as I spent more time away from the blog, I realized that I had more time to play with LEGO sets versus writing about them.  As a fellow AFOL, I’m sure you understand why I would rather spend more time playing with LEGO rather than writing about them.  So far, it’s been working.  I’ve actually lost count of the number of sets I’ve built in my new place.

Anyway, doesn’t mean that I will completely stop blogging about LEGO.  For example, I can’t resist sharing these fab photos of the LEGO office in Denmark.  It actually interests me more than the recent toy fair pics.  Of course, I’m sure it’s cos I’ve already seen the 2012 retailer catalogue so I’m rather blase about the upcoming sets.  I already know which sets I want (and need to save up for!).

Ok, on to the pics… who else wishes that their office has a play area and a giant slide?  Jealous much?

Do click on this link for many more pics and descriptions of the LEGO design office!  You can also see another LEGO office design here.  Wish you worked in such a cool office huh? Lovely!


Project Title: LEGO PMD
Clients: Lego System A/S
Designers: Rosan Bosch & Rune Fjord

Location of project: Lego System A/S
Address: Systemvej 6
Postal code: DK- 7190
City: Billund
Country: Denmark

Year: 2010
Project: Design and interior decoration
Scope: 2000m2
Materials: Polyurethane floor, carpet, dry wall, acoustic bats w. graphic print, glass partition walls, acoustic ceiling, furniture

Source: &





6 Responses to The LEGO office in Denmark

  1. Ambo100 says:

    It looks like an amazing place to work. I’d particularly like to see more of the ‘Safety Test’ and ‘Delivery’ rooms 😀

  2. Karen says:

    Love the place! I’d move anytime for this kind of work environment!

  3. pen2lum says:

    Welcome Back & I am more interested to know what you have built so far & what are the sets you have in mind for 2012 .. Most importantly, it’s really great to see you here again ..

  4. walshklien says:

    Welcome back! Glad you had a great time playing with your Legos! Completely understand! Cools pics! Love the slide =)

  5. amodularlife says:

    I know! Just wish my workplace is like this, tho I probably won’t get any work done… then again, the department is responsible for designing toys, so it makes sense that the work area looks like one big play area!

    I’ve built loads of “Friends” sets, cos they are so cute/I wanna see the new molds/and my niece likes the sets. I’ve a new part-time helper btw… my 8-yo niece likes to play with LEGO. She pretty much built the VW Camper Van and the blue pet store in Pet Shop all by herself. (She thinks my LEGO sets are the coolest and wonders why I have multiples of everything) I also built the Winter Post Office over Christmas, and am waiting to play with my mini modulars… plus a whole roomful of MISB sets of course. 😉

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