How do you keep your LEGO collection?

Despite my hubby’s best efforts to tidy up my LEGO room (thanks dear!!), it’s still hard to get some sort of system in place, especially since new sets keep coming in… So how exactly are other collectors maintaining their MISB collection, short of getting a compactus shelving system in place? (Ya, after much consideration, I honestly think I may consider getting compactus shelves in my next LEGO room… seems like the most space efficient method really.)

Anyway, I did promise some time back that I’ll share pics of my LEGO room when it’s ready.  It isn’t exactly ready, but consider it a WIP update… I’m suitably embarrassed enough that I’ve apply some BW/blurring effects… This is what the room looked like before the LEGO were moved in: see pics HERE.

And this is what it looks like now, which is actually a VAST improvement from just after moving in when sets were just haphazardly stacked all over the floor…

Shelving currently consists of 4 large wire racks (H1200xD450xW1800mm)… and more LEGO sets stacked behind some of the shelves (mostly the huge collectors series that are in protective cardboard boxes).  I think the various sized cardboard boxes consists of Ebay & Bricklink purchases, loose bricks, keychains and small impulse sets.

Ideas anyone?  Or pics/links to actual systems/storage that have proven to work?

I suppose the eventual goal is to have a system in place for future acquisitions, yet have a decent space in the centre for playing… or to make a huge-ass (yeah!!) LEGO town. 🙂

8 Responses to How do you keep your LEGO collection?

  1. daubouken says:

    still looks like a store rm. is there really no way? mine looks like a wherehouse with all the boxes.

    • amodularlife says:

      @daubouken: Agree. Looks like a storeroom and my personal LEGO store actually. At least I have many more variety of sets and rare sets than any of the stores in Singapore… That’s why I think perhaps a compactus system is best. Prevents dust on exposed boxes too.

  2. Karen says:

    It looks like a Lego stock room more than a store room ! But having said that I keep mine in their boxes or on display shelves. The other idea I had was to throw away the boxes and keep the bricks in platic bags and catogorize them, keeping the instruction booklets in a huge file. That will take a lot of time off just to do the filing of bricks. I guess another way out is to make money and build myself a real house to keep them!

    • amodularlife says:

      @Karen: I actually prefer the unopened sets in boxes cos it’s easy to search. But really have to strike a balance I guess… still doing research. Someone in the S0937 forum shared his Ikea storage system last time. Very very organized, but I don’t think I’ve the discipline to do it. Plus it’s nice to see some of the rarer sets in their boxes.

  3. joeysiew says:

    i think compactus best la. no need think. i cannot get the green light from my wife lol

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