What are the LEGO “Moments of Truth”?

As I click on the pics from NY Toy Fair (FBTB’s being my fav among the many sites), I couldn’t help but wonder if the LEGO “Moment of Truth” principles are still in use?  Cos I honestly can’t imagine any of the principles on some of the sets.

As a pretty devoted City collector, this year is quite a disappointment.  Where are the cafes, schools/classrooms, bookstores or even hospitals?  Mining, fire and a forest police range… Seriously? (sigh)  As if I need yet another police post or  fire truck even if the bear is tempting (give me a zoo or circus anytime tho).  To look on the bright side, at least I have the Friends range to play with (much as I dislike the figures), tho I can really do without girly colors (and cute new molds) if I can get my town stuff in the regular range.

Of course, Queen Amidala is sweet, the ghost train looks fun and army builders should be having fun with the LOTR series (even if the price-to-piece ratio is probably pretty stunning).  Let’s not forget the new modular set and super-heroes series.  Perhaps best that the principles aren’t too rigorously applied then, cos it’s another expensive year anyway.

What do you think?  Licensed themes aside, do you like the new range?

So what are the LEGO “Moments of Truth“?  Click on “more” to read:

From CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp:

1. When it’s advertised, does it make a child say ‘I want this’?

2. Once he opens the box, does it make him go ‘I want more of this’?

3. One month later, does he come back to the toy, rebuild it and still play with it? Or does he put it on the shelf and forget about it?
Read more: http://www.saga.co.uk/saga-magazine/2012/february/brickipedia-the-history-of-lego.aspx


8 Responses to What are the LEGO “Moments of Truth”?

  1. Yatkuu says:

    I would say the Collectors Minifigures… I’m excited to see the new Series, I can’t get enough of these, I keep coming up with new ways to use them (and they are reasonably priced…)

  2. I was kinda disappointed with the City sets this year too. I thought the forest police (and fire) was a nice idea, but did it really need to span the whole theme? The Lego bear is a must-have (although I am probably going to wind up just getting it off of Bricklink.)

  3. walshklien says:

    That’s why I kinda stuck to just collection minifigs and modulars. =)

  4. amodularlife says:

    @Yatkuu: Personally I am getting a bit sick of the minifig series, tho I still buy them. The price increase and seeing some of the characters being used in the new themes kinda sucks tho.

    @Bricks N More: I thought the Forest Police theme sounded interesting until I saw the sets. I was expecting/hoping for something more like the PlayMobil ranger series that has nice tree houses and cute little animals. I’ll wait and see if the bear turns up in some other set.

    @walshklien: So disciplined. I can’t help buying new stuff, so am probably a lost cause. Tho yeah, if I have to stick to ONE theme, I’ll go with Modulars too. A bit hard not to play for the rest of the year tho. How do you manage that??

  5. Jonathan LUm says:

    Apart from licensed theme, the new range .. my opinion .. like what the mini-fig heads picture that you have posted .. they said it all .. i will still keep to my Star Wars, Modular & upcoming LOTR, Marvel & DC … expensive year, it will be … stop buying, i will not .. careful investment, we should ..

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