Should I continue getting Architecture sets?

I got all of the 1st wave, and some of the 2nd.  But I have to admit that I’ve kinda fallen behind.  Been wondering if I should get the entire collection just so I don’t regret it down the road when… when I figure that I finally like the sets I guess.  I mean, after renovating my place and learning more about architecture, I can see how a standalone display of all the Architecture sets encased in a block of specially constructed glass shelves would look pretty great. Kinda cool in a geeky way not that I know how I will actually be able to afford a house with the space or even to construct a display like what I envision…

Decisions, decisions…

Anyways, Toys N Bricks reports two new Architecture sets:

  • LEGO Vila Savoy Paris 21014 (MSRP: $69.99 USD)
  • LEGO Eames House 21015 (MSRP: $59.99 USD)

Which is making me seriously consider getting the entire range (I am a completist, really).

You have to read this post to understand why: Lego® Replicas Of Eames, Corbusier and Michelle Kaufmann Homes

5 Responses to Should I continue getting Architecture sets?

  1. ultraman_bc says:

    Funny thing…. just ordered the upcoming sets and then I see this post. I will get them, even though they are a tad overpriced. Maybe it is just that I am into iconic architectural structures, which are a combination of the creative, the engineering and the technological wonders which make us humans. Of course I am digressing. In short, I collect all the architecture sets because it is a more arty-farty show-off piece than compared to my Castle or city-themed sets….=)

  2. rekseah says:

    Why would you wanna discontinue? whats your concern?

    Money? i doubt money will be a factor to you.

    Space? rearrange stuff for a clearer picture.

    meanwhile, continue collecting til the dust settles. its better to buy and let go than to didnt buy and regret/get scalped. >p

  3. amodularlife says:

    I just don’t like some of the sets… some are simply ugly like the Sydney Opera House one, and in general I think the series is totally overpriced.

    Agree on the arty-farty aspect tho.

  4. Of course, if lego proceed to improve their interpretation of real life.
    The Frank Lloyd’s waterfall house was better than the Guggenheim museum.

    You have my Villa Savoye to comper at Mocpages

    By the way you can support me on LEGO.CUUSOO too

  5. Modok says:

    If you enjoy the architecture sets and pride yourself on having a complete collection, then you shouldn’t stop. You can always disassemble or sell the ones you’re not crazy about if you need space or just get tired of them. But I’m not sure I see the rationale in buying them just because you might finally like them. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy the ones you finally like?

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