In the mood for… LEGO lamps

Came across the Lygolamp by Mango Studio and thought to have a look at the choices out there for LEGO fans.  You could DIY of course, but for lazy AFOLs (like me), it’s always good to have ready made options available.

  • Mango Studio’s Lygo Lamp –  supposed to hit stores this August and will available in 5 colours, including white, black, transparent, red transparent and purple transparent.  Strips appears to be a choice too.  The lamp is delivered flat packed and assembly is required to turn the 144 LYGO blocks into the completed lamp that measures 50 centimeters in diameter, with a 1.6m cord and that will take a standard E27 bulb (max 60 watt). Read more from Lygolamp.


  • 25togo’s LED illuminated acrylic brick – looks just like a giant sized LEGO brick on your study desk or bedside table, and doubles up as a pen holder via the removable top piece.  Available via 25togo’s online shop, for NT1600 (approximately USD54 USD). 3 levels of brightness. Dimensions: L 15cm W 10cm D 6cm x 2 piece (top and bottom)


  • Luxit’s Top Four and Ten range of lights – Less brick-like but obviously LEGO inspired.  The LED lights designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Roat Nodari are available in all sorts of wall/floor/ceiling/table sizes, colors and configuration.


  • John Harrington‘s LEGO chandelier – Ok, so this one isn’t really available for sale, but I couldn’t resist a chandelier… The one room hotel, The Harrington is located in a Victorian-era building in Brighton. The LEGO chandelier is supposed to suit the setting, yet give the “youth and vigor” of a contemporary clientele.


As for me, I’m a lazy AFOL, so it’s just this Darth Vader LED desk lamp at home…

4 Responses to In the mood for… LEGO lamps

  1. @Karen_Fu says:

    Very nice! Legos simple brick block has become the molecular base of objects !

  2. walshklien says:

    Perhaps something that the Lego Hotel being built in Malaysia can consider =)

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