On a personal note…

Some local fans ask if I’m still collecting.  The answer is yes, but I’ve slowed down. I suppose that having a room full of LEGO sets does give a different perspective than when the sets were scattered in different rooms.

Do I open the sets I have to play? Yeah I do. But the usual considerations apply – do I have time, do I have space, should I be hunting down my dream sofa instead, or how about just chillaxing and doing nothing (always tempting after a tough week at work)?

I’ve recently had a block of time for some ‘play’ tho, and thought to share the WIP with you regular readers.  Been meaning to modify the Friends sets into modular buildings for my modular street/shelves for a while. These 4 Friends sets (3061 City Park Cafe, 3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop, 3188 Heartlake Vet and 3315 Olivia’s House) were modified in less than a day, all in all.  Not yet done as you can see from the missing tiles. And I really need more white and beige bricks. Otherwise it has been quite fun to play with LEGO and I can confirm that I am still an AFOL at heart. (Plus I think City Park Cafe is such a great set…)

As for blogging, I honestly don’t think I will go back to actively posting about LEGO news, new sets and interesting MOCs daily.  I actually still Google pretty regularly for updates/LEGO-related news, but instead spending the next 30 min to 1 hour blogging about it, I then move on to other activities.  Partly it’s cos with my current job, I have less free time to blog, partly it’s cos I have a new blog about home decor and mostly it’s just pure fatigue from having to keep up with the latest LEGO news. Plus there are tonnes (ok, I exaggerate, a handful, just refer to their RSS on the right bar) of websites that gives the latest news about sets and sales anyway.  I realize that it’s starting to sound like a farewell note… but it’s not. I’ll still post stuff that I find interesting and that I think few other sites would post.

And… Umm… I struggle to come up with a punchy conclusion to my rambling post. But there is nothing really. I just felt like posting my WIP. =P


11 Responses to On a personal note…

  1. ultraman_bc says:

    Space is always a problem. I resolve that issue by tearing down sets I built and building new ones. But that also mean I have to think whether after tearing down sets, I still have the energy or time to build new ones….. And tearing down can be a chore, especially after my son had his turn on them. Need to make sure all parts are accounted for.

    • amodularlife says:

      @Ultraman-bc: Knowing how many sets you have, I know you have more of a space problem than me! 🙂
      But I really hate tearing down sets… at least for the non-modular city sets, I sort of save some ‘land space’ by mod-ing them. The problem for me is the non-city sets. Do I open them tho I have no way to display them? Do I mod them to ‘ye olde town’ (and I probably have enuf to start one entire shelf with the castle and potter sets that I have… not to mention LOTR that’s coming).

      Does your son enjoy LEGO btw?

      • ultraman_bc says:

        He likes to play with them, not really building them yet…. still trying to get him into that habit. What he really like are the minifigs though. Always breaking them up and rebuilding them in different combinations. Spend a lot of time trying to put the minifigs back in its original form again and again…..

      • amodularlife says:

        I guess most kids start with minifigs cos those are the easiest to play with? Not sure how to entice kids into picking up LEGO habit tho. Am still wondering how to persuade my niece that she should break up her sets and use the pieces for her own creations… any tips on that?

  2. Tim says:

    I must ask…. How do you store all your lego (The loose pieces?). As my collection grows and grows, i am constantly looking to organize better the pieces.. I am currently looking now at customizing my 3-drawer organizers with lintel trim to try and create smaller sub dividers to sort even deeper. I’d love to know how those with collections 10+ larger than mine do it!!!


    • amodularlife says:

      @Tim: I am messy! And fairly haphazard. Loose pieces are sorted into clear plastic bags and stored in boxes (mostly by type). I have seen walls of storage drawers before, so I guess some AFOLs just get loads of those hardware store type drawers (for nails and screws) and use those for storage.

  3. Nobody said it yet, so I will; those Friends modulars are totally awesome! And cute. Okay, they are awesome cute. 😆

    • amodularlife says:

      Thanks! You are too kind. Compared to the masterpieces by other AFOLs, mine is at nursery level. But I had fun playing and it does help to consolidate the shelf space so I am happy. 🙂

  4. Wee chong says:

    I like the ways the various buildings from Lego friends series been designed in the form of modular style. Beautiful!! 😀

  5. Berries says:

    Hi tried looking for your email add, anyway I could sent you a more private note? Thanks

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