Just peeved at the delay

As excited as I was to FINALLY get the 10224 Town Hall set, I am just as peeved that it took more than 3 months for AFOLs in Singapore to finally get the official release (parallel imports were brought in by some retailers).  Seriously, 3 whole months?  That’s like one entire season.  Not to mention the latest LOTR sets. They won’t be in Singapore for another few months. Grrr…

So apart from the sky high prices we face (Town Hall retails at S$379.90, equivalent to US$296), there is this unbearable delay that we face too. Sucks to be an AFOL in Singapore right?

I do hope that with LEGOLAND Malaysia opening later this year, Asia fans get their sets earlier. It’ll be so ridiculous if the LEGOLAND store doesn’t get new sets along with the US/worldwide release dates.

Update on 10 June: Ok, we got 4207 City Garage, 9448 Samurai Mech and the new Mining series in June over in Singapore too.  We are not THAT left behind.  And my Jabba’s Palace & Gungan Sub sets are happily sitting in the LEGO room being admired (such lovely minifigs!).  So I feel slightly less miffed that we are months behind others for the exclusive sets.  I really really hope that we get the gorgeous 10228 Haunted House in time for Halloween tho. Methinks my town needs some spooky inhabitants.

One Response to Just peeved at the delay

  1. This is a bit off topic, but I couldn’t find your contact link. I’m running a contest for the highly coveted, super rare, (and outrageously expensive on the secondary market) LEGO Super Heroes Captain America and Ironman minifigures. LEGO sent me these minifigures to run this fun little contest. All you need to do to enter is to write a review on the new LEGO Super Heroes Movie Maker app. I thought you and your readers might be interested. The app is fun, and if you can try it out by all means do so! It is free after all! Only nine days left to enter…(c;
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